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At Bedrock Construction, we're not just about top-notch renovations; we also offer flexible financing options tailored to make your dream project a reality. Starting your home transformation has never been easier!

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Bedrock Construction is Calgary's Home Renovation Contractor since 1991. We handle it all, from design to completion.

Bedrock Construction - Calgary Home Renovation Contractors

Welcome to Bedrock Construction, where quality service and design meets quality construction! We believe quality is the bedrock of a successful project and we focus on keeping this at the forefront of our designs, processes and finished products. Whether small or large, we provide a full range of services that meet your dream needs. Calgary home renovations built with quality construction.

The quality is in our hands - as we like to say!

We have built a reputation for doing it ‘The Bedrock Way’ which focuses on accountability, organization, cleanliness (believe it or not) and meticulous detail. These core values will help guide us on your next project or home renovation.

Laying the foundation for quality design, quality process and quality completion!

Bedrock Construction Home Renovation Projects in Calgary

About Us

Bedrock Construction is a Calgary home renovation contractor that has been servicing Calgarians since 1991. We take pride in being a local company with roots dating back to the first Calgary Stampede. We started in this industry as tile-setters and continue to provide a finished product built on quality, accountability and detail.

Your experience is our experience

At Bedrock Construction we focus on the experience because we value our clients. We understand that a Calgary home renovation is a commitment as well as a partnership. Most importantly, visions can only become a reality through cooperation and communication.

Our four values of accountable, clean, meticulous and organized are cemented in everything we do!

What sort of home renovation project are you looking to start?


We have been turning dreams into reality since 1991 and we continue to do so with every project, whether large, small or specialized.  We are also helping people with their home office renovations right now during the pandemic.  Let us know if we can help. 

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Our experience in the industry combined with our four core values make this the perfect recipe for a successful commercial renovation projects.

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Kitchen renovations by Bedrock Construction concentrate on budget, design and quality all while completing the renovation with minimal inconveniences for the household.

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Bathroom renovations by Bedrock Construction focus on design, quality and budget. Having started in the tile industry, we prioritize attention to detail and doing it right the first time.

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We believe in protecting your greatest asset and through proper quality control, your next renovation can stand the test of time with Bedrock Construction. As native Calgarians, we are familiar with the forever changing weather patterns of Calgary and how this may impact your dream visions.

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We understand the logistics required to complete a condo renovation, whether it be an investment property or a home. Through our experience, Bedrock Construction can help you navigate your next project.

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The options are endless when it comes to a Bedrock basement renovation. Through our creative and cost-effective solutions as well as quality workmanship, you can have the basement renovation that is the envy of the neighbourhood.

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Garage builds by Bedrock Construction concentrate on maximizing the available space. Through our experience and knowledge of city permits, we can construct a garage that satisfies multiple needs.  We also do a lot of Concrete, Concrete Sidewalks and Concrete pads.

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Concrete...One of our specialities

What are the benefits in hiring Bedrock Construction?

A Calgary home renovations is only as good as the process, coupled with trades and suppliers and the guarantees offered.

The Process

Most noteworthy, our process is detailed and streamlined. Additionally, with communication as the cornerstone of our process, we manage everything for you while keeping you well informed and educated.

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The Trades

As a locally owned and operated Calgary-based business, we employ the best local experts around. You will have the opportunity to meet and most of all, get to know everyone working on your Calgary complete home renovations through our Trade Day.

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The Suppliers

While staying on top of industry trends in addition to suppliers, we source the best products. As a result, we have 30+ suppliers all across Canada and furthermore, constantly stay on top of vendor relations and quality control. Check out Nuheat Heating Systems. Bedrock Construction was one of the first installers in Canada to be certified.

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Calgary Home Renovations by Bedrock Construction

"Relationships and trust. This is the bedrock of life."

Mukesh Ambani


“Bedrock Construction is the third home renovation contractor we have used in Calgary and I must say, they will be the only one we will use from here on. The home renovation projects they have completed for us, from plumbing to electrical work to knock-down ceilings have all exceeded my expectations."




“Bedrock Construction is quality and originality all around. They completed our Calgary office renovation, on time and on budget! We have hand painted beams, a conversation bar and a family style kitchen. I'd recommend them for a home renovation or commercial construction project anytime."



“There are thousands of home renovation contractors in Calgary but Bedrock stood out for us from the beginning. Their contracts are extremely detailed & their communication is transparent. Our home renovation couldn't have gone any smoother & I'd recommend them to any Calgary home owner."



A Calgary home renovation project begins and ends with quality

The Calgary home renovation scene is a forever changing landscape and we strive to be the constant force in Calgary for all homeowners. We have dedicated ourselves to setting and achieving the highest possible standards for our clients so that a home renovation will not only stand the test of time, but will reflect the quality workmanship you will be proud of.

This is what we mean by, the quality is in our hands.

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