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Bedrock Construction Calgary Downtown

Bedrock Construction is one of Calgary's leading small businesses specializing in residential and commercial construction since 1991. Through the founder & CEO, Corrie Massie's reputation and experience, Bedrock has successfully become a booming company that was built from the ground up. With a healthy dose of discipline and dedication, Bedrock has the capacity to manage all small to large scale projects, both residential and commercial, while maintaining an A+ BBB rating.

1319 - 9th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta
Bedrock Construction marble project 1991
Bedrock Roots down in Inglewood Calgary

Deeply Rooted in Calgary

Bedrock's first project back in 1991 was a marble tile job down in Inglewood. Corrie Massie was the sole employee and stone mason of Bedrock Construction at that time.

The marble was salvaged from the Royal Bank Bankers Hall the year prior and stored at Corrie's father's farm. The individual pieces were all hand cut on the street right in front of the store.  The marble was installed using an old technique using copper wire and plaster of paris.

This building is still standing today.

Corie Massie, Founder & CEO of Bedrock Construction
Have you met Corrie Massie?

Corrie Massie is the face of Bedrock Construction and has over 35 years’ experience in the construction and renovation industry. He began his career as a tile setter, laying some of Calgary’s largest stone slabs downtown. His meticulous eye for detail and love of the trade fostered a reputation as one of Calgary’s top tile setters and mentors. Some of his greatest successes are with the people he trained and mentored.

How did Bedrock Construction come to be?

Corrie’s excitement for the industry grew into a need to be a part of something bigger. Bedrock Construction was born in 1991, out of his desire to impact families and companies on a larger scale. Bit by bit or tile-by-tile, he could help turn dreams into realities.

Old scene of downtown Calgary
What do you mean by Calgary roots?

The Massie Family has been in Calgary since 1907. Corrie’s Grandfather, Allister, was a farmer on James McKevitt Road. He played the organ at the church in Midnapore before it became a truck stop. Allister’s son, Ken started a concrete company in the 1960’s. In the early 1970’s, Corrie joined his father in the construction industry.

We are our core values.

Accountable: We hold everyone on the project accountable to the schedule and budget.

Clean: We believe project sites should always be photo ready.

Meticulous: We believe it is all about the details when it comes to a renovation.

Organized: With over 35 years experience in the industry, we are dedicated to ensuring an elevated level of organization on each project.