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Accessible Bathroom Renovation

Accessible Bathroom Renovation – Your Next Project

Not long ago my family needed an accessible bathroom renovation.  We had a family member that lost a significant amount of his mobility and large portions of the house needed to be reconfigured.  This was especially true of the bathroom.

If you are in a similar situation you have come to the right place.  Bedrock Construction is a certified building in the Calgary area that has extensive experience in this area…we’ve done a lot of bathroom renovations. 

We also understand that each project has its own set of particulars and nuances.  We will work with you to make sure that you are excited about your new renovation and assured that it will fit your exact needs.

How Do I Get Started?

This is a great question.

How to start.

The first thing that you need to determine is the path for each individual with any mobility problems or struggles.  This means looking at your entire house, the front or back entrance and where you park your car.  Each of the most used areas of the house may need a modification to allow for increased accessibility.

You may need a ramp outside or in the garage so a wheelchair can make it from the car into the house.  You may also need an elevator or stairlift for movement up and down the stairs.  You may also need to move some furniture around so that more space is created for easier movement.

If this seems like a lot that is ok.  We are here to help.

A Look at the Bathroom

Your modern bathroom is fully functional and looks amazing but it wasn’t designed for people with physical challenges.  Especially the elderly and disabled individuals.  A handicapped bathroom is critical for anyone you are living with that has a mobility issue.

Your home renovation must include safety and correct spacing so that everyone can enjoy the space.  You also want to consider privacy and ease of use when it comes to the bathroom.  Privacy is still an issue, but so is independence for many people.  You don’t want to have someone else help you every time you want or need to use the bathroom.

Disability remodelling is actually not that difficult when you understand the design and function changes that need to be made.  If you need to make some changes the right plan and the right professional help can make it a project you will be proud of.

accessible bathroom renovation by bedrock
accessible bathroom renovation by bedrock
accessible bathroom renovation by bedrock

What’s needed to make a bathroom disability accessible?

Before the project begins you will need to choose a design that fits your bathroom and fits your person with mobility issues.  In order to make this happen, you’ll want to consider your current needs as well as future needs when it comes to resale or future family dynamics.  In the planning phase, there are a few things you are going to want to consider.

  • You will need a bathroom you can use while renovating.  If you only have one bathroom we can do it in phases you can still go to the bathroom.
  • You’ll need to establish a budget, one that provides for the things you need and some contingency just in case.
  • An idea of what you want the finished bathroom to look like in terms of colours, textures and flow.

A great contractor like Bedrock Construction can really help with this part of the process.  We also help with the design and make sure that all the measurements are up to code.

Do I need to change out my Doors and Doorways?

Accessibility looks a little different for each person.

When my dad had cancer and wasn’t very mobile it wasn’t the doors that were the issue it was getting in and out of the tub/shower and standing up while he was in there.  So we took out the tub/shower (and replaced it with a walk-in shower (shower stall) that has a seat and additional stabilizing bars on the sides.  This provided him with a more user-friendly shower and something that was still a great option for resale and other people.

When my mom’s husband had a stroke he was unable to move around the house without a walker.  This meant that the doors in the bathroom had to be changed.  What we ended up doing was removing the door in the ensuite altogether and creating an archway.  This along with a non-enclosed shower allowed him to get in and out of the bathroom and shower without any additional effort.

When it comes to the doorways in your house it will depend on the disability or mobility issue and the location of the bathroom in question.

Cost of Modifications to a Handicap Bathroom and Resources

The picture below is credited to the national kitchen bath association in the US, but it gives you an idea of the breakdown.  These prices are not definite, but a general guide to the pricing percentages that you can expect.  All of the prices are subject to design, availability and brand.

accessible bathroom remodeling costs

The final cost of your renovation will greatly depend on the modifications that you need to make.  Each of the requirements will add additional cost to the total.  If you need to make major modifications to the structure of your house then an engineer or architect may be required to approve designs and drawings.

Our recommendation is to work with a professional that can guide you through the steps.  These projects have several layers of complexity and the details are very important.

Resale Value of My Home With Accessible Bathrooms.

The baby boomer generation is massive, and not getting any younger.  There are considerable numbers of people that are looking for houses that have these types of bathrooms and options in them.  Typically renovations have to be done because most houses are not built with these things in mind.

If you spend the money to make an accessible type bathroom it will improve your quality of life but also the marketability of your home.  Bathroom renovations in general increase the value of your home and you get a good percentage of the renovation cost back out in the sale. With an accessible type bathroom, you have the added bonus of more potential buyers in the market.

Accessible Type Bathroom FAQ

What Does an Accessible Bathroom Look Like?

An accessible type bathroom, often referred to as a handicap-accessible type bathroom, is specifically designed to provide comfort, safety, and ease of use for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities. Every feature within this type of bathroom is crafted with the intention of removing barriers and improving user experience.

The entrance begins with the bathroom door, which is typically wider than standard doors to accommodate a wheelchair or walker. The floor space is also designed to be ample and clear of obstacles, providing enough room for a wheelchair to turn around comfortably.

One of the defining features of an accessible type bathroom is the walk-in shower, which eliminates the need to step over a high tub wall, making it safer and easier for individuals with mobility issues. The walk-in shower is often designed to be a barrier-free bathroom fixture, meaning it is seamlessly integrated into the floor with no steps or ledges, reducing tripping hazards. In some designs, a walk-in tub may also be provided. This tub features a door that allows for easy entry and exit, preventing slips and falls associated with traditional tubs.

Inside both the walk-in shower and tub, there may be a built-in or fold-down shower seat, allowing individuals to comfortably and safely bathe without the need to stand for prolonged periods.

A crucial safety feature in handicap-accessible bathrooms is the inclusion of safety grab bars as bathroom accessories. These are typically installed near the toilet, inside the shower or tub, and anywhere else they may be needed for support. A grab bar provides something sturdy for individuals to hold onto while moving around the bathroom, providing increased stability and preventing falls.

Speaking of the toilet, it is often a raised-up toilet seat in an accessible type of bathroom, making it easier for individuals with mobility issues to sit down and stand up. This design detail can significantly increase the comfort and ease of use for those who may struggle with lower-standard toilets.

In summary, an accessible type bathroom is a carefully planned space that incorporates a walk-in shower or tub, grab bars, a raised toilet seat, a wide door, and ample floor space. These designs create a barrier-free environment that is both functional and safe for individuals with various mobility needs.