basement bar calgary

Basement Bar Calgary

Ok so you thinking about a basement renovation or development and on to the list goes a basement bar, absolutely cause when you live in Calgary sometimes staying in is the right call.

Are you looking for a basement bar in Calgary?

You have come to the right place. Bedrock Construction is a full-service renovation and construction company and we would be very excited about helping you with your basement development project. We also love when design elements meet functional elements and great amazing living spaces for people to enjoy.

We also know that in Calgary there are many days where it’s just too cold to get outside or even travel to a local restaurant or pub and having a great entertaining space is critical…even if it’s just for your own family.

What does a “Basement Bar” entail?

There is likely one of two scenarios here, either you are developing your basement from scratch, or you already have a basement development and now you want to add a bar in.  If it is the former, then as you begin to design and plan the renovation you can incorporate the bar into the plans.

If it is the latter, you are looking at a smaller renovation, but depending on the type of bar you are looking for it might be a little work, or it might get more involved.

What is the difference Between a Basement Dry Bar and a Basement Wet Bar?

A basement dry bar is essentially a built-in cabinet or a movable bar cart type setup in the basement area.  This can range from a large space along a major wall that includes different flooring and lighting, or it can just be a small space to hold a few wine glasses and a bar fridge.

By definition, a dry bar means that no plumbing is needed for the addition of a sink, or drainage.  It also generally means no additional electrical work will need to be done, although that really does depend on the scope of the dry bar.

Here are two examples of dry bars. 

In contrast a wet bar is defined by additional plumbing required in the basement space. Sometimes this is a simple procedure and sometimes it is more extravagant because it will require tearing up the flooring and breaking up the concrete foundation to manage the plumbing.

A wet bar can also bring with it some additional questions regarding additional living spaces. Some people try to sneak a wet bar in, but it is actually a full kitchen and therefor could be rented out. This may cause some red flags with the permit department. The main differentiation is the oven and range. As soon as you put on in it is considered a kitchen.

So If you want a wet bar with a heating element you can get a portable element.

Here are two examples of wet bars.

How Much Does it Cost to Put a Basement Bar in?

Obviously with the amount of variation that is involved in the bar there are going to be different costs. For a dry bar that is a simple built-in cabinet you are looking in the 2000-4000 dollar range, depending on finishing and electrical. For a more elaborate dry bar with built-in fridge and counter tops it ‘s going to get closer to 10000.

For a wet bar, you are basically looking at the same price as a kitchen renovation, minus some of the appliances. You have to not only consider your finishes and electrical but you also have to consider your plumbing costs, demolition, drywall, flooring and paint. You could probably get a small setup for around 5000 if the plumbing was easy to do, but for more elaborate setups you are in the tens of thousands.

Does a Bar in Your Basement Add Value?

Finished basements are one of the best ways to add value to the purchase price of your home. Even though the square footage isn’t calculated in the total square footage of your house, it adds additional living space, additional bedrooms and additional bathrooms. It is a big deal. Some say that you will recuperate around 65-70% of your renovation price in the value of your home. (Source)

If there is a bar in the basement, usually that not only adds flair to the basement atmosphere but it will also make your house more desirable. People love to entertain, and having a basement bar makes get-togethers easy.

Basement Dry Bar Cabinets

As mentioned above if you are looking for a dry bar in the basement, you can look at two different options. The first option has a countertop and the second option doesn’t. Both of these will likely have cabinets or a hutch type setup to store the glassware and the alcohol. The cabinets are very similar to kitchen cabinets except that they have storage options for the specific glass wear, for wine bottles and for small mixing items.

One other thing to consider is a room for a bar fridge which would also require an electrical outlet. If you build the bar in an area where there is already an outlet then that can save you extra electrical costs.

What is the best Flooring for a Basement Cement Floor?

Typically basements are colder than the rest of the house. This is great in summer but can be a challenge in the winter. Because of this people will often do carpet in the basement, it is also the easiest to install. However, some people prefer to get in-floor heating and use that to make the house even more comfortable. Laminate flooring or tile will work well in this instance especially if there is a wood subfloor on-top of the concrete.

When it comes to the bar area if you are going for a simple dry bar then you might be able to just keep what you have. Most basement bars however incorporate a new flooring of some kind in the area that the bar is in.

This is especially true for a wet bar because of spillage. You can definitely use tile there, or laminate or even linoleum. There are lots of options but you’ll want to stay away from hardwood floors because of the lower humidity.