calgary bathroom fixtures

Bathroom Fixtures Calgary

Bathroom Fixtures Calgary

Are you looking for bathroom fixtures in Calgary?

At Bedrock Construction, we know that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, not only for resale but also for our quality of life.  We also know that for most people when asked about a potential upcoming renovation project the bathroom is at the top of the list.

It just seems like the bathroom is something that people continually want to update and upgrade, renovate and remodel.  One of the most talked-about parts of the bathroom when it comes to bathroom renovations are the fixtures.  The fixtures are an integral part of the bathroom and for most people, when renovating a bathroom they are a significant part of the design.

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What are the Current Trends for Bathroom Fixtures in Calgary?

There are lots of really great trends in the bathroom renovation space, and in Calgary we have access to a whole number of different ideas.  

Calgary is a modern city, and even though you will find older homes in certain areas of the city, Calgary is known to be more of a white-collar town.  Generally speaking, this means that modern design trends are what typically rules the day.  So if you are planning a full bathroom renovation, or even just swapping out your fixtures you are going to want to follow current design trends.  

Right now in 2020-2021 that means simple, fine lines, mid-century modern and clean.  Black seems to be a big trend as well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go with other colours if it fits your overall design.  

Winter in Calgary is also a major consideration for renovators.  You are going to want to add certain things to your bathroom renovation because of the cold.  People want to come home to a warm shower, a warm bath and a relaxing spa-like bathroom.  So if you are thinking of selling your home after your renovation you want to make sure you think of this.  You could even install a steam shower or something like that.  This can set your home apart.  

Can you Just Switch Out the Fixtures?

Yes. That’s the short answer, but obviously, there is a longer answer as well.

If you just switch out the faucets they will need to be exactly the same as the current faucets. Changing these can give you a new colour look, or create a new modern feel in your bathroom.

the new faucets will need to be the same style and size as the old fixtures so that they fit in the sink, tub or shower.

If you want a new look then you may need to also switch out the sink or get a plumber in to re-work your tub/shower to accommodate the new fixtures.

Bathroom fixtures, however, generally include the tub, the sink, the shower and the toilet. These things can all really add value to your bathroom. Remember this value isn’t just about resale, but also about just plain old enjoying your bathroom.

A new toilet can increase healthy bathroom activity just by raising or lowering the position of the seat.

A new shower or tub could also create more of a spa like feel, and give you more enjoyable experiences in your bathroom. Especially in the winter.

Will it Help Sell my House?

Just replacing the fixtures may not help increase the value of your home if it is for sale in Calgary. However, the more modern and on trend your house is the better it has as a chance of selling. This might just be because it looks nicer and newer.

People like new things and if they are buying a new house that has been recently renovated there is a higher chance that your house will sell.


This section is a collection of questions that we get asked on a regular basis about bathroom fixtures Calgary.

Where can I buy Bathroom Fixtures?

There are a number of really great places that you can buy bathroom fixtures in Calgary.  At Bedrock Construction we have a couple of designers that have access to really great inventory from high-end manufacturers.  If you are interested in seeing our supply let us know.

Obviously, there are all of the usual suspects like the Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Lowes.  You might, however, also like more artisan pieces and find them in shops like Westelm and CB2.

Most contractors in Calgary also have a list of manufacturers and suppliers.  These can be very custom or simply the same as the big box stores.

What are the Best Brands for Bathroom Fixtures?

The best brands for bathroom fixtures are

  • MOEN.
  • Delta Faucet. .
  • Pfister.
  • Grohe.
  • Hansgrohe.
  • Kohler.
  • Jaclo.

What are Bathroom Fixtures Called?

Typically they are just called bathroom fixtures, but often they are simplified into two categories, the sink fixtures and the tub/shower fixtures.  Some people also include the wall/towel accessories in this category, but typically the bathroom fixtures are just the things you use to turn the water on.

Another word for the bathroom is the lavatory. The plumbing industry uses this term more often than the public, but the terms are interchangeable.  The reason for this is to differentiate between the sink in the kitchen and the sink in the bathroom.  The plumbing industry uses lavatory to mean the basin/bowl in the sink that operates water flow.