bay windows Calgary

Bay Window Calgary

Bay Window Calgary

Are you interested in getting a bay window in your Calgary home?

Bay windows are an awesome way to add visual (curb) appeal to the exterior of your home, and some additional living space to the inside of your home. In Calgary, this can be a significant benefit for not only resale value but also natural lighting inside your home, and comfort.

Bay windows from Bedrock Construction are built to any angle, and we can supply both floor versions and bench versions. These windows increase the square footage of the room they are added to and also add a seating location that your family can enjoy. Bay and bow windows are also easily added to kitchens, family rooms or master suites, not only for the living rooms.

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Increase Square Footage and Curb Appeal

A bay window is the most cost-effective way to increase a room’s square footage and thereby increasing the square footage of your home. This not only directly affects your listing square footage and home value, but also gives you immediate extra room in your house.

Almost any regular window can be converted into a bay or bow window. And because they are usually large window openings you will usually also get additional window openings which will also increase your home’s airflow.

Bedrock Construction will take care of any additional structural requirements and make sure the interior and exterior finishes are matches and seamless.

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What’s the Best Place for a Bay Window?

Typically when people think of bay windows they think of the front living room. There is a big window and a bench seat that everyone loves to sit on…including the cat.

This is still true.

the living room is one of the best places where a bay window can go. Will developments over the years, however, virtually any window is a possibility now.

The Lving Room

As mentioned about this is usually where it all begins and ends. This is the spot most people want to add a bay window. It also usually makes the most sense, it gives everyone a new spot for family life, more square footage, and more character to your home.

The Kitchen

The kitchen window is a really great place to add a bay window, especially if your kitchen has a window right above the kitchen sink. This typically gives more space for things that need a spot around the kitchen sink. It can also allow for more natural light to enter the kitchen, as some can end up being a little dark.

This is also a great addition for the plan lovers who need that extra light to decorate the home.

The Bathroom

You wouldn’t normally think of this, especially if you don’t have a window in the bathroom.

Obviously, there are privacy concerns that have to be thought through, but a bay window in the bathroom can not only increase the space in the room, it can also make it feel like more of a retreat.

Natural light, as mentioned already is a huge benefit for any room. It gives a calming feel. A lot of people will also use natural light more than electrical lights.

In Calgary, this can be. a massive benefit during the summer months when the sun stays up well into the evening.

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The Dining Room

Another great example of a place that will benefit from a bay window, if you have one, is the dining room. Adding a bay window to the dining room can really give it a sense of class and a special touch for all those family gatherings.

If you are looking for a bay window addition in your home contact us today.

Bay Window FAQ

Here are some common questions we get about Bay windows.

What is the Difference Between a Bay Window and a Bow Window?


Projecting out from the wall of the house, a Bay window creates a larger room.

A Bay window not only increases the flow of natural light into your home but also adds extra characteristics. They come with either 45° or 90° but it can be customized to replace existing window. Bay windows are an ideal application for your kitchen and can combine any style of window for your need.


A curved out Bow window creates extra space while providing a wider view of the outside. We can combine any type of window and glazing options to create the functionality you need without sacrificing energy performance.

What is the Average Cost of a Bay Window?

The cost of a bay window will depend on where in the house you are adding it, how much additional work needs to be done to tie in the exterior and the interior to the window, and the actual type of window that you get. You can expect anywhere from $1500 – $3000 for a typical kitchen bay window, $2150 – $4500 for a living room and about the same for a bathroom.