best siding for cold climates

Best Siding For Cold Climates

It might be summer in Calgary now, but we all know what is coming.  Winter.  And in Calgary, we all know how cold it can really get here.  In the spring and summer it is the best time to think about that exterior renovation and your home’s efficiency.

Sometimes it’s not even just about the cold its the wind and the wet snow and the freezing temperatures for days on end.  Then a chinook will hit and it’ll plus 15 for a day and then back to the deep freeze.  Your house and more importantly the exterior of your house needs to be able to withstand the enormous temperature changes.

Thankfully Bedrock Construction has been doing renovations in this area since 1991 and has seen it all when it comes to weather.  We have also seen the changed in technology and materials and the efficiency that those new things bring to the average homeowner.

Siding is the protective barrier keeping the outside elements and weather from penetrating into your walls, framework and house.  It will add to the overall energy-efficientcy of your home and also give it the exterior look you are after.

What is Siding?

Generally speaking, siding or wall cladding is the protective material attached to the exterior side of a wall of a house or other building. … The siding material and style also can enhance or detract from the building’s beauty.  There are also a number of different kinds of siding or wall cladding that would fall into the siding category.  Typically though the most common type of siding that we see is vinyl or plastic siding.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl Siding is a manufactured product and as such can basically come in any colour or style you would like.  Over time older vinyl siding would crack and fade, but newer options have improved and are much better at resisting damage and fading.  Vinyl because it is plastic is sensitive to BBQ’s being too close or other extreme heat sources.  Vinyl does not provide any additional insulation value to the house itself but does create a protective barrier from the weather outside.   Also vinyl siding can be recycled, but it cannot be burned, so it needs to be disposed of correctly.

Vinyl siding is not considered one of the more attractive cladding options, but recent technology and design have helped.  It is relatively cheap and when it comes to siding is the most common in Calgary.  Usually because of its availability and cost-effectiveness.

Brick Siding

Brick siding is a popular choice for many people and is also very low maintenance.  It does do well in these colder climates.  The only real downside to brick is that it is usually very expensive not only for the material but also for the labour.

Wood Siding

Wood siding has an incredible look to it, and definitely helps a house’s efficiency levels but adding extra insulation.  Wood is also very sleek looking and will clean up very easily in the spring.  The only issue is that if it is not looked after it can crack, mould or break apart.  The other downside is that wood siding installation can be quite expensive, and sometimes upkeep and repairs can be expensive too.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is very popular amongst the commercial and industrial builders because of its durability, low cost and the ability to withstand weather conditions even better than vinyl.  Aluminum would be the best choice for an exterior siding all things considered.  The reason more people don’t use it in their home is that it can be very loud and noise inside the home, and it also dents.

What is the Most Durable Siding?

The most durable siding is probably the aluminum as far as lasting goes.  However brick would be the recommended choice because of its durability, but also its resale value and low maintenance costs in the long run.

What is the Best Maintenance Free Siding?

Brick is known to be lowest maintenance and repair siding.  Many people choose this, even though the upfront costs are higher because in the long run you will spend less time, energy and money maintaining the brick.

What is the Best House Siding Material?

As you can probably guess from above brick is the best house siding material for most residential homes in Calgary.  All of the siding materials that we have covered are going to work amazingly well in our climates, but brick will outperform them all.  If budget is your main consideration however vinyl siding may be the way to go.  You can still get a great look, and the colour you want with great durability.

Is Insulated Siding Worth It?

Many people will argue the best upgrades you can do for your house is to make it more energy-efficient.  Your electricity and heating bills will go down and your resale value will go up.  Even though the upfront cost is generally about 50% more, you will definitely recoup these costs over the life of your home in the utility bills.