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Can I Build a Commercial Kitchen in My Backyard

If you are planning to build a commercial kitchen, another option is to build it outside of your home, in your backyard. This can be great for those who do not have a lot of space to spare inside their house, but want the commercial kitchen to be on their property, rather than in a restaurant or business space. This could be in an enclosed backyard structure, for example.

Read on to learn more about commercial kitchens and your options.

Why Do I Need a Commercial Kitchen?

A commercial kitchen is a space that is designed for safe and efficient food preparation. They are evaluated based on a strict set of standards to ensure the safety of those who consume products from your food business.

A commercial kitchen is required of anyone entering the food business, whether they are doing a bit of baking for a small cookie business or doing large scale cooking and food preparation. All ingredients and finished food for your food business must be stored in your commercial kitchen, rather than a residential kitchen, and all food for sale under your food business must be prepared in this commercial kitchen.

Your commercial kitchen could be a rented commercial kitchen space, a commercial kitchen in a restaurant, or even a commercial home kitchen on your property, in your own home. It simply needs to be a licensed commercial kitchen and cooperate with certain local health laws and requirements when it comes to food safety.

The Components of a Commercial Kitchen

There are some key components when designing a commercial kitchen. You will want to be sure to take into consideration the layout of the space and the equipment that you will need, for example, and then design around that.

Take a look at the below to learn more about the most crucial components of a commercial kitchen space. 


Different kitchen layouts will work better for different food businesses and different needs. For instance, there is the galley kitchen layout, which is more cramped and enclosed than an open concept layout. However, a galley kitchen layout may actually be preferable for someone who has to do a certain amount of prep-work or whose recipes require many different steps– they can stay where they are and just move down the line from the sink to the counter and then to the stovetop.

When considering layout, you are also considering workflow. If you have multiple employees, you will want a more open layout where there is less space for employees to bump into each other or get in the way while cooking and preparing food. Thus, it is important for you to give the proper thought to the best layout for you, your team, and your food business.


Another essential part of the commercial kitchen is the food service equipment you will be using, of course! You will want to consider not only the types of equipment you will need– for instance, will you be baking or have need of an oven for anything, or will you only need a stovetop?– but also the materials the equipment is made of.

Many commercial kitchens use professional appliances that are made from stainless steel, because it is easy to clean and sanitize. Industrial equipment is important for a commercial kitchen because it has heightened performance. In the case of industrial stoves, for example, they have more of an intense heat output, which also allows you to cook in greater volume. 

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Building a Backyard Commercial Kitchen For Home Businesses

If you are planning to build your commercial kitchen in your backyard, rather than in the home itself, you must do your research to make sure the local zoning department allows this. You will also want to have this constructed professionally by a builder or a contractor so that all is up to code, and so that you can avoid any costly errors in the building of your commercial kitchen. When you are looking into your zoning laws, you should research the relevant regulatory requirements and licensing information, too.

Your backyard commercial kitchen will need the proper plumbing, ventilation, lighting, refrigeration and storage. The materials that you use are also important– a commercial kitchen must have washable walls and flooring that do not absorb any sort of water or grease. When you are discussing the scope of work with your contractor or researching for your project, it is also crucial that you consider the plumbing, water source, and wastewater and sewage disposal of the kitchen early on in the process. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you run a commercial kitchen from home?

Commercial kitchens can be run from your home. You just have to ensure that it is in accordance with your local laws and requirements with the health department, and that it is licensed and inspected by a professional. A commercial kitchen must also be separate from the residential kitchen and the rest of the house.

What qualifies as a commercial kitchen?

A commercial kitchen is a licensed kitchen meant for food preparation and cooking for food businesses. They must follow the specific laws and regulations of the city or county that they are in, and must be separate from a home’s regular kitchen– all food preparation for the business must be conducted in the commercial kitchen. Your home kitchen does not qualify as a commercial kitchen. Outside of ensuring your commercial kitchen meets all requirements, you will likely be required to have a food handler certification or food safety training, which you can look into your own province or state.

How much does it cost to build a commercial kitchen in your home?

The cost of building a commercial kitchen can vary greatly. This is dependent upon the equipment needed, the size of the commercial kitchen, and the materials used, among other factors. The general estimate for building a commercial kitchen in the home ranges from $15,000 t0 $30,000. 

How much does it cost to build a small commercial kitchen?

A small commercial kitchen can accrue varying costs, based on your different needs as well as your local building costs. As the general estimate for building a commercial kitchen ranges from $15,000 to $30,000, a commercial kitchen with lower square footage would fall towards the lower end of the cost estimate.