commercial demolition calgary

Commercial Demolition Calgary

Get Your Commercial Demolition Done With Bedrock Construction

Commercial demolition is a different beast.  Usually there are more permits, and more parts of the project that need to be managed.  Residential demolition has it’s nuances, but typically commercial is a bigger and more involved process.

Bedrock Construction has be providing full scale commercial construction, renovation and demolition for since 1991 in the Calgary area.  We have a lot of experience and know the ins and outs of demo in this area.

Every demolition project has it owns unique needs. From start to finish, we are here to customize the solution for you. We can handle partial demolitions, building demolitions and house demolitions. These can range from bathroom or kitchen demolitions to a garage or even second storey.

We also handle the removal of all debris including concrete, gravel, dirt and all building material.

We Always Consider the Environment

Bedrock Construction is committed to the environment and to making sure that during demolition everything is taken care of.

  • Reduce
    • We are committed to making sure that we are as efficient as possible, and that we maintain the least amount of environmental disturbance as possible.  We are always trying to minimize our impact.
  • Reuse
    • Before the actual demolition starts we take stock of all the items that are on site.  We try to maximize the reuse potential of everything that is in the old building.  It is amazing what you can do with a little planning and organizing.
  • Recycle
    • Commercial projects typically have a wider array of materials, chemicals and debris.  We make sure that all of the materials go to the right recycling spots.  We are committed to green.
  • Asbestos
    • Part of the demolition process is to submit the right applications.  There is a specific asbestos form with the City of Calgary.  Before the demolition can commence the building has to be inspected and certified.  It is either certified that there is no asbestos in it, or a professional company comes in and removes the asbestos and then it is certfied clean.

      Visit the government of Alberta’s website for information about Occupational Health and Safety.​

  • Trees
    • You must submit a public tree notification with your demolition application.  It doesn’t matter how close the trees are, a plan must be in place.  Tree protection is very important and there are specific rules thatr must be followed to protect them.
    • If the tree is within 6 meters a tree protection plan must be submitted.  If the tree is further away than that the application must still be submitted but you can mark that on the application.

      For more information about tree protection plans, visit​

The Bedrock Process for Demolition

Site Assessment

We will meet you onsite to discuss the scope, budget and timeline of your project.

The Quote

We are known for our meticulous quotes and will speak to the project scope in detail.

Permits and Documentation

We will manage the entire permit and documentation process per the City of Calgary’s bylaws and regulations.

We are also well versed in assisting clients who live in the rural areas surrounding the city. The bylaws and regulations are often different.


We will ensure the proper process is followed and executed regarding utility or service shut off.


We will coordinate pre-inspection of the site and ensure full compliance.


We will guarantee the project remains on schedule, on budget and according to plan.

We take pictures and video along the way.

Post Inspection

We will coordinate and ensure compliance with the post inspection.