Concrete Contractors Calgary

Concrete Contractors Calgary

Established in 1991 Bedrock Construction has been one of the top concrete contractors Calgary for a long time. We are focused on customer satisfaction and quality projects.  We are experts in anything concrete including basements, garages pads, patios, sidewalks, stairs, exposed aggregate, stamped, staining and removal. We are an excavation company, demolition company and concrete company, we do it all.

The great thing about working in the Calgary area for so long is that we understand the nuances of working in this climate, this city, and for the people that live here. We have extensive knowledge of what it takes to make a great concrete job, one that looks great has high durability and achieves the goals the project set out to achieve.

You want to work with a concrete contractor in Calgary that has experience working with Concrete IN Calgary, and has proven skills.

We walk with the customer through all of the parts of the process. We can help with design, implementation and of course completion and warranty.

Garage Pads/Shed Pads

Calgary Concrete Contractors Garage Pad

Garage pads are a big part of a new house build in Calgary, they are also something that gets asked for on a regular basis during renovations as well. Sometimes people think they can cut corners on the garage pad, and not do the concrete correctly. At Bedrock Construction we believe that every part of the job is important, and that includes things that you often don’t see or think about like the foundation, the re-bar, the concrete and the process.

A garage pad needs to be thick enough for this climate and for the intended use. The rebar that is used and the way that it is used is also a critical part of the process, it needs to be done right. The concrete also needs to be sealed properly so that it has maximum strength and maximum durability.

With a garage you also want proper drainage and sloping so that water and snow and ice get dealt with properly.

You also need to consider the cost of a concrete pad, and make sure that your investment goes all the way. Check out our cost in Calgary article.

Garage Drainage Solutions

Calgary Concrete Contractors Garage drainage

Bedrock Construction has a number of options when it comes to Garage or even driveway drainage. We know that there are a number of people in the city of Calgary that like to not only work on their cars but also help other people with projects too. So we have the ability to help you with whatever kind of drainage you are looking for. From water to waste we can get it done right.


concrete driveway calgary contractors

Often the driveway is the first thing that someone sees when they arrive at a house, and not only can they look great, but they can also be super functional and durable. The driveway will definitely affect your curb appeal, and house value, it will also showcase your style and home to people. It may also make you feel great about coming home each day.

We can do all different kinds of designs and finishes for your driveway including putting water underneath it so you don’t have to shovel the snow.

We have a number of checks and balances to make sure that the material we use is top quality, and that the project, when finished is the best possible quality it can be. We also work within budgets and make sure that timelines are tight.

Patios and sidewalks

concrete sidewalk calgary contractors

The biggest advantage of concrete when it comes to a patio or a deck is flexibility. Obviously there are a number of other materials that you can go with including wood and brick but concrete allows you to do somethings like stamping, colour finishing and other design elements. It also doesn’t have to be replaced like some woods and can be poured exactly where you need it to be poured.

Concrete is also cheaper to do than interlocking brick and doesn’t have the maintenance problems, concrete is a great solution for sidewalks.

Concrete pads are also great for other projects like small garages, workshops or even backyard storage sheds. It provides you with a lot of flexibility and gives you options.

Concrete Restoration, Rip-out and Repair

We also offer a removal and repair service. As a demolition company, we can renovate a lot of projects that other companies cannot. Let us know if there is something that you need to fix up.

This project below is a great example of repair work that we did to make an exterior door more accessible for wheelchair access.

repair and renovate concrete calgary

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