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Concrete Pads Calgary

Concrete Pads Calgary

Are you looking to get a concrete pad in Calgary for your shed or new garage project?

Exterior projects in Calgary are really exciting, but usually, the window is short because of the weather.

Bedrock Construction is a full-service construction and renovation company and we do it all, from concept to completion.  We also help people with smaller concrete projects around the house.  There is a saying about concrete pads in Calgary, and that is you better get it done right because winter is coming.

What is Unique to Calgary and Concrete?

In Calgary, concrete pads are typically 4-6 inches thick at the centre and they are poured all at one time.  Drainage underneath the pad is maintained through the use of gravel and sand.  The biggest thing about concrete in this city is that you need to get it done right because when it freezes you don’t want the water to crack your pad.  Frost will move, and if your pad isn’t designed and built right, the frost will heave and ruin your concrete.

Working with a professional concrete team, like bedrock construction, means that you will get the right advice and a finished project that lasts.  We have been working in Calgary since 1991 and understand the nuances and issues that we face living in this climate.

Garage Pads and Parking Pad Construction

Parking pads are an excellent opportunity to show off what you can really do with concrete.  In the past few years, technology has really come a long way, and we have all kinds of decorative and exciting-looking concrete.

decorative concrete pads calgary

Using the stamps and decorative concrete can really help with durability and longevity in the Calgary winters.  It may cost a little more upfront, but in the long run, stamped concrete is extremely durable.

This is also true for your garage floor.  If you are building a new garage and you need a pad done, you can also get it stamped.  This not only adds to the value of your home, the aesthetic of your garage but also to the durability and longevity of your pad.

What is Exposed Concrete in Calgary?

Exposed concrete or exposed aggregate concrete is the process of removing a top layer of mortar from the finished product in order to “expose” the smoother, larger stones inside the concrete pad.  This process creates a very attractive option for decorative concrete.

exposed concrete calgary

How is this done?

After the concrete has been placed, the decorative aggregate is ready to be exposed.  The rocks inside the concrete were placed inside the concrete mix before it was poured.  There are several methods that we can use to expose the underlying decorative stones.  The general rule of thumb is to remove the surface mortar no more than one-third the diameter of the aggregate stone.

Brushing and washing

This method is the most popular because it doesn’t require any chemicals or special tools.  Like in the picture above you wash away the surface mortar that is covering the aggregate by spraying it with water, and then scrub it with a broom.  When the aggregate stone is exposed to the proper depth you done.

The biggest issue is the timing of the operation, and because of that, this method is better for smaller jobs.  As soon as the underlying stones have begun to set, and won’t be removed by the water spray you can go ahead and start to spray.

Using a surface retarder

Many contractors will use a chemical surface retarder on the slab itself to help with the process.  This gives the contractor more time to do the exposure because the concrete doesn’t set as fast.  When your pad is larger this is likely the direction you will go.

Abrasive blasting

It is possible to remove the top layer mortar after the concrete has set by using sandblasting or shot blasting.  The disadvantage of this method is that it can also fracture the stones underneath and give them a dull appearance.

Concrete Pad Removal

Bedrock Construction is also a full-service demolition and excavation company.  We basically do it all.  if you are looking for someone to take your existing pad out let us know.  We can work with you to make sure your end goals are reached.