exterior door installation calgary

Exterior Door Installation Calgary

Exterior Door Installation Calgary

Are you looking for an exterior door installation in Calgary? 

Calgarians are very aware of the extreme weather patterns that affect our city and our homes.  Just this year we have seen a large number of devastating hail storms that have caused significant damage to the exterior of many homes.  

We also know that every season brings different challenges and the exterior of the house that you live in needs to be ready to meet those challenges.  

It’s Not Just About the Cold

Many people when they think of Canada think about how cold it gets.  When I lived in Australia I tried explaining to them what -40 degrees Celcius was really like, but they just did not have a frame of reference.  

But when it comes to the exterior of your home, it’s not just about that frigid Canadian cold that you have to worry about.  Your home also needs to be able to deal with 30-40 degrees above zero and also deal with rain, snow, hail, wind and drastic temperature changes.  

And that can all come in one day.  

Summer heat and winter cold and everything in between will affect your home, and not only that it will affect every part of the exterior of your home.  The weather in Calgary will test every single part of the exterior of your home and it needs to be able to not only withstand the weather but do it efficiently.  

The Doors

Not only a great rock band but also the part of your house that experiences significant weather-related challenges. 

There are two main issues that will affect your exterior doors. 

  1. Expansion and Contraction
  2. Air movement

Expansion and Contraction 

During the cold months the material in your door, the frame and the house itself around the door will shift, and likely contract.  If your home was built correctly the contraction will be minimal and the door will function properly.  It will also create a tight seal so that the cold air stays out and the warm air stays in.  

During the summer months, the same material will likely expand, especially if it is in direct sunlight for long periods during the day.  This is often when people experience trouble with opening and closing their doors.  

If the door frame and the door are different material the expansion and contraction rates will be different and can cause issues.  However, a qualified and experienced installation expert will know this and allow for extra room for the material to move.  

Air Movement

As much as you will want to keep the cold air out in the winter, you also want to keep the cool air inside during the summer months.  Air exchange and the subsequent moisture exchange is a huge deal when it comes to the efficiency of your home. 

Efficiency isn’t just about your energy and utility bills, but it is also about the comfort of your home, the effect on the environment and the re-sale value of your property.  

It is critical that you get this part of your home right, the exterior door installation Calgary style.  It has to be done correctly and with all of these factors in mind.  

You also want it to Look Good

Yes, this is important, you actually want your exterior doors to look good.  They are the entry point to your home. 

Bedrock Construction knows that you need your exterior door to function properly and actually look good.  You want it to be inviting, trendy but also give you a nice addition to your curb appeal.  

Here are some pictures from a project that we did recently where we added an exterior door, we made sure it was efficient, looked great and that it was also accessible for the homeowner’s wheelchair.  

How Much Does an Exterior Door Installation Cost in Calgary

Unfortunately, the answer is, “it depends” but for a typical door in Calgary you are looking in the 500-1000 dollar range. You can go higher than that if you are purchasing a more fancy, or more expensive door.

If you want it to be less expensive there are ways, like doing the demolition yourself or purchasing a cheaper door. However, each of these has a trade-off as you can imagine. If you are looking for an accurate quote Bedrock Construction can help. Visit our contact us page and get more information.