exterior wood doors calgary

Exterior Wood Doors Calgary

Exterior Wood Doors Calgary

Are you looking for Exterior wood doors in Calgary?

Bedrock Construction is an industry leader when it comes to home renovations, exterior renovations and doors.  We live here, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and we know how important it is to have the right materials on the exterior of your home, not only for winter but for all four seasons.

We have been in business in Calgary for over 30 years, and have the experience to help you get your project completed, on time and on budget.

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Bedrock Construction and Exterior Renovations

At Bedrock Construction we know what it is like to live in Calgary, and we know all the ins and outs of Alberta renovations, the requirements, the safety and the need for quality. We pride ourselves on not only delivering what the customer wants but making the process as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

When it comes to exterior renovations and upgrades we have done it all. We love the idea that people not only want to increase their home’s efficiency but also give it more curb appeal and personal flare. We have all of these things in mind when it comes to the process of designing a project. We not only think of the function of the end result but also the way it makes you feel. That comes down to working with you from start to finish to make sure that the process of construction is just as enjoyable as the finished product.

That’s why we love exterior renovations, especially ones that include new wood doors. This is such a great way to increase the efficiency and safety of your home but also give it the personal touch.

We can also do this kind of project year-round. Even though exterior door installation is best when the weather is warmer, we have the ability to be in and out in a hurry.

Wood Doors

The entrance to your home says a lot. It can really give your home a personal touch by showcasing your personality and style. The main entrance to your home can serve both a functional purpose and a design purpose. Technology that exists now allows us to perform both duties, and not have to settle on either one.

A beautiful wood door will protect you from all kinds of weather, bring additional security and be the first thing your guest see as they enter your home.

The design and style of a wood door can really say a lot. A vintage door that is handcrafted with stained glass windows and artistic flare says one thing. While a modern wood door with a simple wood grain texture can say something else.

In years past a wood door’s deficiency was that they would warp over time. Today, however, modern manufacturing has overcome this drawback and created not only beautiful doors but doors that will last, even in this environment.

The Benefits of Wood Door

There are some significant benefits to getting an exterior wood door in Calgary. Our weather patterns and design desires create a need for a capable door, but a really good-looking door as well. Here we list out some of the upside to getting a wood door.

Strong and Durable.

Wood can withstand all of the weather conditions in Calgary, especially if your doorway is covered or less exposed. This will create less maintenance for you and assurance that your door will last for a long time.


It’s wood, so you know that it is a natural product. Most manufacturers are working with sustainable forest products which have significantly decreased the level of environmental impact.

Better Maintenance

Improved topcoat finishes, hybrid core technology and wood treatment processes have all given an improved maintenance requirement to exterior wood doors.

Interior Efficiencies

Some exterior doors made out of metal, fibreglass or steel can insulate better, but wood, because of its natural makeup, creates air pockets that help lower heat loss and block cold air. Wood is also a better sound barrier.

It Looks Better

Typically wood is synonymous with warmth when it comes to design and construction. Many people love the idea that wood can increase their efficiency and security but they really go for wood because of its look.

Exterior Door Hardware

These days there are so many different types and styles of hardware for your exterior door. We will have a look at the design of your door and make a recommendation based on the material, the look and the function that you are going after. We have accessible door handles, and smart door handles as well.