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Flat Roofing Calgary

Let’s Talk about Flat Roofing in Calgary

Are you looking for a flat roof renovation or replacement in Calgary? There are many homes and a significant number of commercial buildings with flat rooves in Calgary, and Bedrock Construction is a roofing specialist.

Having a flat roof in a place like Calgary presents several challenges that seasoned roofers understand. It’s not just about keeping the rain out, it’s a holistic look at the structure of the building and how the roof functions within that structure.

Bedrock Construction takes a lot of pride in its years of experience and hands-on roofing skills. We know this area, and what your roof needs. In addition to flat roof installation, we also offer repairs, maintenance, eavestrough and downspout work.

The major concern with a flat roof in Calgary is snow weight.

We get a lot of snow in the winter, and it can be really heavy. So being able to withstand that weight is critical when not only building the roof structure but also the roof cover. That is why it is best to leave it to the experts.

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Calgary downspouts on a flat roof

Exterior Renovations Calgary

Flat roofing is a part of the larger exterior renovation services offered by Bedrock Construction. Check out our exterior renovations page for more information, you can call or email for a quote.

Benefits of Residential and Commercial Flat Roofing

Flat roofing comes with some significant benefits.

  • Flatroofing can eliminate the need for insluation. Well, not completely eliminate, but the type of insulation that you use is significantly different and usiually more energy effiecient. That is why so many commercial buildings use flat roofs.
  • Lower construction cost and lower repair cost.
  • Flat roofs take up less space, and usually require less material.
  • Versatility. Three words – ROOF – TOP – PATIO
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Works great with siding.

While flat roofs can cost more than pitched roofs and often require more maintenance, lower-sloped roofs have a clear advantage to homeowners. Flat roofs have large overhangs that do not block light because of their low slope. Natural light has plenty of physical and mental benefits, and lower-sloped roofs make natural light a bit easier to obtain inside of the home. Additionally, the overhangs protect the exterior of the house. While a flat roof may result in higher roof maintenance costs, it will save homeowners money concerning siding, window, door, and deck maintenance. Also, flat roofs are considered to be one of the most energy-efficient roofing options available for homeowners.

Cost of Flat Roofing in Calgary

As with all the costs listed on the Bedrock Construction website, this is a guide, and a framework to help you understand the budget you might need for a re-roof or an installation.

The flat roof system is critical, so we need to make sure that the roof itself is in proper order. a large percentage of the materials that are used in the process are oil-based so the supply price can vary with the oil industry.

The type of the roof itself will affect the cost. A modified bitumen roof will have a slightly lower average cost. The reason for this is the lower cost and relative ease of repair. Conversely, built-up flat roofs may have a slightly higher repair cost due to their more complex nature.

In most cases, the general cost per square of a flat-top roof is somewhere between $350 and $1200, which means that a square foot of a new flat-top roof, fully installed, including labour, can cost between $3.50 and $12.00.

Home Guide states that the average costs for a new roof in Calgary, based on its materials, ranges from $5,400 and $9,000 for asphalt shingles, $7,858 and $14,412 for metal, $12,000 and $16,000 for wood and cedar, while slate roofs can set you back between $22,200 to $37,000. These are all sloped roof prices, typically a flat roof is a little more because shingles are cheap.

However, a flat roof can come with a 50-year warranty which is considerably more than the average 20-25 year warranty with most sloped roofs.

How Often Do Flat Roofs need Replacing?

It really depends on the quality of the original installation. It also greatly depends on the continued maintenance. Having said that flat roofs can easily last for up to 50 years at a time before needing to be replaced. This lifespan is almost as long as tiled roofs, which themselves can last for up to 60 years. With this in mind, it makes for an interesting decision against shingles.

The other option of course is metal. And a lot of places are opting for metal roofs because of the ease of installation, and durability. The only downside can be the noise created inside the building. However, contractors are getting better at utilizing sound insulation to combat this, especially in residential applications.