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Home Renovation Trends 2023

Just as there are plenty of trends in the fashion and interior decorating spheres, there are also interior design trends or home renovation trends that come and go. When planning to sink a chunk of money into a renovation, it is important to be aware of what is trending– and what is now dated– so that you do not end up with a space that you are not happy with, after all of the time, work, and money it takes to renovate.

Take a look below to learn more about some of the emerging trends we are starting to see for home renovations in the coming year of 2023. 

Home Offices

One of the big trends that we are seeing in home renovations is home offices. Of course, this is something that has emerged more so in the last few years, due to the amount of people who are now working remotely and need a space to do so. When we say home office renovations, this can mean building a new, dedicated home office space or simply upgrading a space that already exists to better fit a homeowner’s office needs.

Often, when upgrading, the key points are making the space more functional and comfortable. A home office space can be built in or onto the existing house structure, or can be a separate dwelling on the property. Many are seeing a rise in sheds or garages being built into office spaces. Since this is more separate from the house, it also helps to keep work life and home life more separate, so a separate dwelling can be a wise call. 

Home Renovation Trends 2023 - Bedrock Construction

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency cannot necessarily be considered a new trend, as people have been trying to make their homes energy efficient to cut costs for the past few years. However, these days, homeowners are actually building for and renovating for energy efficiency, which takes it to the next level. Energy efficiency is also a concern as sustainability and eco friendly living moves to the forefront in conversations around the globe. There are certain incentives, too, depending upon where you live, for making energy efficient improvements to your home. This can be an attractive reason to look at the energy efficient changes you can make while renovating!

Some of the changes that can be made during renovations to make them more eco friendly or energy efficient include smart HVAC systems or adopting solar power. Adding insulation, installing low flush toilets, and installing more energy efficient appliances are other ways to make a home renovation more energy efficient. It can easily save a homeowner money in the long run, too.

Home Renovation Trends 2023 - Solar Power - Bedrock Construction

Outdoor Living Spaces

Regardless of the climate where you live, outdoor living spaces are another growing trend. The only issue is, if you live in a colder climate, you may not be able to use these spaces year round. However, outdoor living spaces are attractive and functional additions to a home. As many of us are working from home now and just spending more time at home in general, homeowners want to be able to maximize their living space wherever and however possible. This includes the space outdoors! When weather warms up, we will see many homeowners working on transforming their outdoor spaces. Some of these changes may be to plant a garden, install or improve a deck or patio, or install a porch. Outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas– such as fire pits– are also common and stylish additions to a home’s outdoor space. The most important thing here is to be sure that the space is functional as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Otherwise, it does not maximize the living space to its fullest potential. 

Home Renovation Trends 2023 - Outdoor Kitchen - Bedrock Construction

Bathroom Upgrades

Another of the renovation trends that we are seeing going into 2023 is bathroom upgrades. Of course, upgrading your bathroom is not something that has never been done before– it is a prevailing trend because it is one of the places we spend the most time in our home. After all, our morning and nighttime routines are typically done in the bathroom in front of the mirror. Plus, renovating your bathroom is one of the best ways to add value to your home, so if you were to only choose to renovate one room in your house, this one would be a good choice.

Usually, if a homeowner is renovating their bathroom, they will focus on functional and practical changes, such as replacing a single vanity with a double vanity in the master bathroom. Adding lighting or switching out and updating fixtures is also common in a bathroom upgrade or renovation. Sometimes, a homeowner may even decide to move around or add fixtures such as adding a bathtub or moving the toilet. However, when you begin to get involved with the plumbing, this can become more cost and time intensive. 

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Home Renovation Trends 2023 - Bathroom Upgrade - Bedrock Construction

Kitchen Upgrades

Like a bathroom upgrade, a kitchen remodel or upgrade is another commonly seen home renovation, and will continue to be popular in 2023. The kitchen is one of the other rooms that most people spend the more time in when in the home, similar to the bathroom, and practicality and efficiency are key here. If you plan to sell your home, upgrading or remodelling your kitchen is an easy way to add value to the home and to entice buyers, too. There is nothing better than a beautiful, chef ready kitchen! Again, like the bathroom, which we discussed above, the most important changes to a kitchen are the practical and functional changes. That being said, cosmetic changes are important, too, as you want a space that matches your aesthetic and personal style and does not come across as being dated. Some of the common upgrades that can be found in a kitchen remodel are replacing the appliances with new or energy efficient ones, or updating the cabinets and adding in lighting to create a focal point. Currently, a big trend in kitchen design is hidden appliances, such as a hidden refrigerator that is disguised to look like cabinetry when closed. 

As for colours in the kitchen, we’re stepping away from white kitchens in home design, which is what we’ve been seeing in recent years, expect to see more colour next year. Think lots of rich coloured hues, like dark greens, blacks and blues. Also expect to see coloured kitchen islands as well.

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Home Renovation Trends 2023 - Kitchen Upgrade - Bedrock Construction

Accessory Apartments or Multi Dwelling Residences

Real estate costs and interest rates have only increased as of late, so some homeowners are making smart renovations in order to decrease the amount of money that they have to contribute to the mortgage– and this involves renters, of course. Accessory apartments or multi dwelling residences are increasingly popular, especially as home renovation trends for 2023. Some homeowners may decide to split the cost of a home with a friend or family member, and then renovate so they can split the structure into multiple residences. Another option would be for them to add an accessory apartment. An accessory apartment is a second living unit that is located on the same lot of land as the main house. This could be a small cottage in the backyard for an aging relative, for example. It gives both individuals more space and allows the aging relative to retain more of their independence. 

Accessible Design

Something else that was not as much of a concern in years past, unfortunately, is accessible design. Accessibility is certainly more of a concern as we try to become accessible for all in our communities, and is finally being put front and centre in interior design and home renovation. If a homeowner expects to grow older in their current home or is already starting to grow older and experiencing mobility issues, implementing certain accessible features will be important. Another cause for accessible design is if, for instance, a homeowner’s aging parents are moving in with them. Other aging relatives who will be living in the home can, of course, benefit from accessible design as well. Some examples of accessible design features include bars in the shower or near the toilet, as well as ramps for wheelchairs or stair lifts in a multi level home. 

Air Filters and Air Quality

The quality of the air within the home is not something that homeowners were concerned with, and was not something that they considered. However, the quality of the air in the house is actually important to the health of those who are living within the space– especially if they happen to have respiratory issues, for instance. Outdoor pollutants, such as pollen or smoke from wildfires, can be a concern, as can certain pollutants hidden within the house, like mold. So, it is important to figure out how the home will be getting its fresh air, and this is a trend that we are seeing emerge and carry over into 2023. One example is an Energy Recovery Ventilation system, or an ERV system. This exhausts some of the air that is inside for fresher air from outside. This is just one of the ways that air filters or the concern of air quality can be implemented into a home renovation. 

In Conclusion

When it comes to a home renovation, trends are not as aesthetically based as interior design trends– primarily, they focus on function and practicality, as they are more costly. You will want to choose to renovate and have it last, rather than go out of style quickly afterwards. Home renovation trends also do not change as quickly as interior decorating trends do. However, there are some events that have influenced the home renovation trends that we are seeing for 2023, and these include the pandemic and working from home– which has brought about a rise in home office renovations– as well as the rise in costs of the housing market– which has seen an uptick in trends such as accessory apartments as a result. Then, of course, there are renovations projects such as bathrooms or kitchens, which are always popular. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of remodel adds the most value?

Remodeling is a big undertaking, but can be worth it, not only for your own comfort and satisfaction, but also if you plan to sell your home in the future. Remodels can add a lot of value to your space! If you are deciding between a couple of remodeling projects, you may want to first opt for the one that adds the most value. Some of the remodels that can add the most value to your home are a kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel. Upgrading your appliances can be very beneficial, too!

What is the best month to renovate a house?

If you are trying to renovate your house, there is a lot of planning that goes into this. One thing that you may be wondering about is the timing of renovations– when should you renovate your home, and what is the best time to do so. Experts recommend that you renovate in the summer months, meaning that June, July, and August are the best times to get started on home renovations.These are also the most popular months to renovate, as people often begin to plan their renovations at or after the holidays. 

What style is in for 2023 in homes?

When it comes to some of the different trends for your home, expect to see monochromatic colour schemes in interiors in 2023I This does not mean that they have to be neutral, though– you could even see a monochromatic colour scheme in different shades of pink! Monochromatic colour schemes can give a steady feel to a space, and you can avoid them looking too flat by incorporating different shades of the hue you have chosen, as well as details in different textures. For example, you could have tile as one texture, beside wood grain as another texture to add depth and visual interest. 

What is the average time to renovate a house?

The time it will take to renovate your house will vary, depending upon the scope and nature of the project. That being said, smaller house remodels typically take about 7 to 10 months to complete from start to finish. With a larger house that is being fully remodelled, this can take closer to 9 to 15 months to finish up. These estimates are, of course, if all goes well and no additional issues arise.