Hot tub removal Calgary

Hot Tub Removal Calgary

Get That Hot Removal Completed

Are you looking for hot tub removal Calgary?

Calgary is a great place to live, and such a great climate for a hot tub.  It gets cold here, and having a hot tub is a great family addition.  However, sometimes it just doesn’t work out, for whatever reason, it could be the power bill, or the upkeep costs, or that you need the space the tub is taking up.

What does this mean for you?

It means you are here because you need a hot tub removed and you need the spot that it is in now to be fixed.

Outdoor Hot Tub Removal

If your current hot tub is outside, it makes things a little easier when it comes to removing the hot tub.  Most of the time there are only a few steps.

  • First thing is to turn the breaker off that powers the tub
  • Remove the water from the tub and clean it out.
  • Remove the tub

If your tub is sitting on the surface of your deck or a concrete pad that makes things pretty easy.  The hot tub is usually turned on it side and then loaded onto a truck and away it goes.  Then you have your deck space back, or a new flat concrete pad to work with.

Many times the tub will leave a mark on the wood surface it was sitting on, so you may need to paint it to match the surrounding area.

Renovate the Exterior Area

Bedrock Construction is a full-service construction company, we do it all.  Once the tub is removed there may need to be a plan in place to change the area that the tub was located in.  We do exterior renovations, and can definitely help you plan and execute your makeover.

If it was in the backyard on a gravel bed, you may want to remove that gravel and either put a concrete pad there for a shed or replant grass there and continue your backyard.  Either way, we can help.

What if the Tub is Countersunk?

Some people’s hot tubs are sunk down inside something else’s at surface level.  The most common is the back deck.  There is a hole in the deck created and the hot tub is placed inside the hole.  If this is the case, often after the tub is removed the deck will need to be completed.

Indoor Hot Tub Removal

One of our recent projects was the removal of an indoor hot tub.  Although not as common, there are lots of people that have their hot tubs inside.  They generally last longer, have lower electricity costs and don’t run the risk of freezing overnight in the winter.

The only issue with these types of tubs is that when they have been removed the area that they were in need to be renovated.  The type of renovation will all depend on what is behind the tub.

In the case of this recent project, the basement floor was not finished below the tub.  So after we took the tub out we needed to prepare the dirt, build forms for the concrete and then pour the concrete to finish the subfloor.

After the concrete was poured it was ready for flooring, and to complete the room with paint.

What does it cost to remove a hot tub?

Prices vary, and it will depend greatly on what the current hot tub setup is. Sometimes you can get it removed for free if the company removing it wants the tub because they will fix it and resell it. A simple removal should be in the 150-200 dollar range for a simple outdoor removal. However if it is inside like the one above the cost will be more than that.

How do I get rid of an old hot tub?

To get rid of an old hot tub, you can load it onto a truck and take it to the dump. There are also hot tub restoration companies in Calgary that will take your tub for you and they will try to fix it and sell it. The easiest thing to do is call around and get some help. You can definitely call us bedrock construction and we will help you out.

Can you dismantle a hot tub?

To dismantle a hot tub you need to first make sure that the power is off, and then drain it. After all that is complete, you can begin to take the parts off. If you are looking to get any value out of the tub it is probably best to let a professional take care of it. It if is just garbage then you can do what you like. It is unlikely that you will be able to take the fibreglass tub apart from the skirting, so you will need help with that.

How much does it cost to run a hot tub in Alberta?

One of the main reasons that people want to get rid of their hot tubs is because of the cost of running it in Alberta and Calgary. During the summer months, it will not cost you very much to keep it going. In the winter, however, it will cost significantly more. An efficient tub will be 10-15 dollars in the summer and 75 dollars on average in the winter. This doesn’t include your maintenance costs or chemical costs.