removing popcorn ceilings

Is It Worth It to Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Is It Worth It To Remove Popcorn Ceiling?

Are you wondering about your popcorn ceiling and if you should remove it?

Do Renovations Increase Value?

Homeowners are often asking value questions, they want to know the value of upgrades and renovations.  When we update and renovate our house, we not only want a new look at home, but we also want to know if we will increase the value of our home.  

There are a lot of things that go into the value of a home, things like the neighbourhood, square footage, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms and of course when the market is at.  Some of these things are not within our control, and some of them are.

Suffice to say YES for the most part renovations will increase the value of your home.  Or at the very least it will help make your house more attractive to potential buyers, and you’ll get an offer faster.

Are Ceilings a Big Deal When it Comes to Selling your Home?

People will argue this point, but at Bedrock Construction, we believe that every part of the home is important, and when it comes to increasing value homeowners should look at everything.

The ceiling itself will typically show the date of the home.  Houses that are built in different eras have finishes that reflect what was popular at that time.  As the house grows in age some of these things become dated.  Popcorn ceilings are definitely one of these things.

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What is Popcorn Ceiling? 

Originally popcorn or textured ceilings were used to make finishing the ceiling cheaper and easier, they were also used for acoustics in the home.  This technique was largely made popular in homes built between 1930 and 1990.

One of the issues in older homes is that asbestos was used in the popcorn or texture mix.  This was banned in the ’70s and then home builders started using styrofoam instead.

Popcorn or textured ceilings were useful because they hid imperfections and made it cheaper and easier to manage a ceiling.  This was great for home owners because it was efficient.  The problem is it became a dated look.

How Much Does it Cost to Have Someone Remove Popcorn Ceiling?

The total cost of removing the popcorn ceiling and finishing it in another way will largely depend on the type of finish that you want once the texture is off of the ceiling.  The average cost of removing the texture is between 1500 – 2000 and will likely run in the 1$ to 2$ per square foot range.  This of course is dependant on how open the area is how many hallways, how many walls and how many light fixtures.

This cost typically doesn’t include refinishing the ceiling after.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove Popcorn Ceiling in Canada?

It depends on if you are going to do it yourself or if you are going to hire someone to do it for you.  There are tools that you can purchase at Home Depot or rent that can make the job a little easier for you.  It will also depend on if there is asbestos in the material, if there is the removal and disposal of the texture will be more expensive because of the asbestos.

Like we mentioned above the average cost is between 1$ and 2$ per square foot. This is, however, if everything is normal. If there are additional expenses for things like asbestos or other complications you could see that raised to 4$ per square foot.


Popcorn Ceiling Removal Calgary

In Calgary, a lot of people followed the trend of having a popcorn ceiling.  If you are buying a home that is more than 10 years old you are likely going to find this type of ceiling.  Homebuilders still do it today mostly because it is an inexpensive way to finish the ceiling.

There are a number of ways to remove the textured ceiling, but Bedrock Construction can help you with the process and make sure that the finish you want is achieved.

What are the Finishing Options After the Texture is Removed?

popcorn textured ceilings paint grade

There are lots of options though if you bought an older house and you want to remove the popcorn ceiling and replace it with something else, or finish it flat and just with paint.

The work involved after the popcorn is removed is sanding the ceiling flat and making sure that the imperfections are fixed. A paint grade ceiling, which is just a flat white ceiling may require additional layers of mud and sanding to make it flat and seamless.

Then the ceiling will need to be painted to match your desires.

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