its cold and time to renovate basement

It’s Cold and it’s Time to Renovate

Fall is upon us and we are gearing up for winter renovations. The cold weather often forces us to hibernate indoors and yet, we are missing an optimal time to renovate.

Did you know that winter is a great time to renovate your basement, kitchen or bathroom?

Supply and Demand
The concept of supply and demand comes into play, as people tend to renovate when the weather is nice. Forget that, we say! Enjoy the good weather with the family, get your vitamin D and enjoy the outdoors. Spend the time and money on a renovation when it’s cold. Construction companies tend to slow down and the availability of trades and materials tend to go up.

Obviously you need the right windows for the light to come in to your house.  There are definite requirments for these and you need to make sure you check before oyu start your project.

We Love Mother Nature
There is a misconception that everything and everyone halts when the snow comes in. This is simply not true. Project schedules are often unaffected by the snow and cold. You would be surprised what a little shovel and some gloves can do to help speed up a renovation. We do not fear snow! We embrace it, as it is often not as debilitating as rain, for example.

Improved Technology to Rid Your House of Dust and Fumes
We often hear homeowners say, “My house will be a mess while I’m stuck inside!” With improved technology and an experienced contractor, there is much that can be done to minimize the impact on the household. This includes everything from sectioning off the house to minimizing the dust and fumes with proper equipment.

It’s Vacation Time
The number of people who take time off during the holidays or winter season increases exponentially. This is the prime time to take care of renovations. Leave us the key and we will take care of the rest. It is as simple as that.

Basement Renovations
At Bedrock Construction we find the number one renovation that is usually done during the cold months is a basement renovation. This project can be contained quite easily all while minimizing household disturbance. Material can be brought in through windows and there is often a secondary entrance that trades people can use.

If you have a vision we can help you make it happen.

Have you thought about a Bathroom Renovation?
Water and cold often worry homeowners in the cold months. This is a misconception as bathroom renovations are quite common. An experienced contractor knows how to manage trades people and plan details all while paying close attention to the plumbing needs of the project.

What can I renovate?
The thought of an exterior renovation is not always a practical option in the winter months but the indoor possibilities are endless. Here are a few ideas on small to large-scale projects Bedrock Construction can help you with:
• Basement Renovations and Development
• Kitchen Renovations
• Bathroom Renovations
• Painting & Trim
• Fireplace remodelling
• Flooring, Tiling and Carpeting

Give yourself the gift of a renovation with Bedrock Construction and give this gift to yourself during the cold months. Get it done before the winter comes so that you can enjoy it while the minus twenty-degree weather locks you in.

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