It's time to build that garage

It’s time to build that garage

Framed garage in Calgary by Bedrock Construction

This is the year you have decided to build your garage! Congratulations! It is a project to get excited about. This multifunctional space has unlimited potential and if done right, can add a tremendous value to your home, both for resale and for the family.

In the era of DIY, many homeowners have resorted to building their own garages by purchasing the garage packages from the local hardware store. This is an endeavour we caution and have often been called in to fix some DIY garages.

So before you get started, consider your options and above all else, do it right – the first time!

Here are our top 3 things to consider when building a garage.

  1. Evaluate your garages function and purpose

Have you considered all of your options? Will your garage space be a parking spot? Detached or attached? Will it have storage? Be finished on the inside? Could it accommodate different vehicles in the future? Do you want it to be heated? Have plumbing? Do you want custom storage? A work bench? A nanny suite? Do you want the siding to match your house?

When do we get called in?

We often get called in to fix garages that were either done incorrectly or the homeowner had a change of heart and wanted to change something from the original plan. “I didn’t know we could do that” or “if only I had thought about that” are common phrases we hear when we get called in.

  1. Protect your second greatest assets

Protecting our vehicles is a smart decision as they tend to be your second greatest asset next to your house. Sheltering them from our forever changing weather will increase their longevity and give you piece of mind. Don’t just build a garage for the sake of it – especially when you considering what it is storing. Put the time and energy into this project.

When do we get called in?

We find ourselves being called in to help homeowners park their cars in their newly build garage. Upon opening the garage door, we find it being used as a storage space. With some design tweaks and custom storage options, we are able to make it happen. We recommend you take a look at everything that is going to go into your garage before you build it. You may find the list is a lot longer than you anticipated.

  1. Can you wear multiple hats?

Building a garage involves multiple tradespeople. To start, demolition/excavating can be tricky in confined spaces or between houses. An understanding of utilities, land use bylaws and permitting is crucial in the initial stages before you start digging. Depending on the complexity of the project, you will need to hire multiple tradespeople and vendors. Contracting out these tradespeople and vendors separately will cost you.

When do we get called in?

Homeowners call us once they have realized the logistical challenges of building a garage. They are not as simple as they seem.

  1. Maximize your budget

The options when building a garage are endless and considering a home renovation contractor is a great option. We can help you in the initial planning stages to consider all possibilities and can often maximize your budget better through our preferred vendor rates and discounts.

When do we get called in?

We often get called in once a homeowner has started to add up the numbers. Garage packages seem inexpensive at first, but they do not include the labour, the fixings and anything custom.