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Kitchen Lighting Trends 2023

Lighting can be a fun way to make a space your own, but it also needs to be functional, too. When it comes to your kitchen, it is usually best to choose from light fixtures that can be hung or mounted so as not to crowd your counter space. Luckily, this still leaves you with plenty of on trend options to choose from.

Lighting can also make a huge impact if you are trying to match colours with cabinets and countertops, or if you are planning a chef’s kitchen.

Layered Lighting

One of the big lighting trends that we are seeing emerge for kitchen lighting is that of layered lighting. What is layered lighting, you might ask? Layered lighting is when the lighting is used to create different zones in your space by being used in different layers or at different heights. This is great because it allows you to light up your space at different levels of illumination, so if you need brighter lighting on your countertops, for instance, it is easy to achieve with layered lighting! In order to have a perfectly lit space, you often do need to have different levels of illumination. 

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Unique and Sculptural Pendants

Another trend that we are often seeing in lighting is more artistic and sculptural pieces. Not only do these types of pendants light up your room and serve their function, they make an artistic statement, too! Many of these pendants are modern and look like they could fit right in at the art museum. They may range from dramatic, jaw dropping chandeliers to more modern, linear pieces. Some feature long, exposed lightbulbs that are twisted into interesting shapes, for instance. These make a great statement piece for a central spot in your kitchen, such as over the breakfast bar or the kitchen island.

Kitchen Lighting Trends 2023 - Bedrock Construction
Kitchen Lightning Trends -Bedrock Construction

Matching Pendant and Wall Colours

Typically we have been seeing pendants added into a kitchen to create a focal centrepiece, but designers are adopting new lighting trends of matching the pendants to the colour of the walls. You may be surprised at how well it can actually look and still make a statement in your kitchen.

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Modern Chandeliers

As we mentioned above, dramatic and sculptural fixtures are having a moment. Similarly, we are seeing a rise in modern chandeliers as a lighting trend, and this can carry into kitchen lighting as well. Chandeliers have always had a place in homes, in many different styles and iterations. These days, the popular chandeliers are more unique, often in shapes that seem a bit more unusual for what one would typically expect of a chandelier. Since chandeliers are so prominent, they make a bold statement in your kitchen– or in any other room, too! 

Mix and Match Finishes

Mix and match is a trend that is emerging in several areas of interior design and decor for 2023. Mixing and matching the metallic finishes of your kitchen lighting is one such instance! Combining different metals can make a room look as if it is not too put together and more casual, while still looking beautiful and unique! The addition of metals such as gold, brass, or silver can make your space look more luxurious. If you are nervous about too much mixing, you can keep it more understated by using one metal– such as brass– but making some pieces matte, some brushed, and some metallic. These finishes all work well against glass shades.

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Downlights are a trend that will continue on through the year 2023. This is where recessed lighting is used, and can often accentuate details in the kitchen and draw more attention to them. Be sure that you purchase the correct lighting for your needs, though– you will want the right size, and will also want it to have a high colour rendering index, like warm 3000k or cool 4000k. Otherwise, you will run the risk of your chosen lighting washing out your space, instead of accentuating it– and we certainly do not want that!

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Frequently Asked Questions – Kitchen Lighting Trends 2023

What is the most popular lighting for kitchens?

When it comes to lighting, there are plenty of different options out there in the lighting world. Because of this, it can be overwhelming when doing your shopping and trying to choose what will work best for your space! If you are shopping for the kitchen, the lighting that is most common is flush mounts, pendants, wall lights, or sconce lighting. All of these are mounted or hung, so they do not interfere with the amount of counter space in your kitchen but still create enough visual interest.

What light fixtures are in style now?

Although we are looking at the lighting trends for 2023, there are a few very popular styles of lighting fixtures that you will see out on the market right now. Many of these can be classified as statement light fixtures, such as more industrial statement fixtures with bare bulbs, or art deco inspired fixtures. The statement pieces can be easily identified by their oversized nature and sense of drama– rather than being designed to fade into the background and be more subtle.

Also other lighting trends we are seeing are matte black finishes, stone surfaces or finishes, and interestingly shaped bulbs are also popular, as are nature inspired lighting fixtures or elements. Wall sconces are one of the hottest lighting trends right now along with statement floor lamps or table lamps. We’re seeing more interesting pieces that stand out in a room. Of course the purpose is to give off good lighting and create a cozy atmosphere, but they are also being used as art with a more interior design focus.

Are chandeliers out of style?

First things first, if you like chandeliers, there is nothing wrong with installing one in your home, whether or not they are on trend at the moment or not! Luckily, though, they are not out of style anyway. There are many kinds of chandeliers, so some may look dated, while other styles more closely follow the aesthetic that is in vogue at this time. For instance, there are some more modern lighting and sculptural chandeliers with a modern twist, which are on trend with other light fixtures right now. Be sure to consider the size of the chandelier, and the space you decide to put it, whether it be in the dining room or over a dining table, in the kitchen or even the living room.

Can lighting alternatives?

Can lighting is another name for recessed lighting. This style of lighting can be great because it is subtle and stays out of the way– so if you do not want a dramatic, statement making light fixture, can lighting can be a great choice for your home! Disc lights are now being used more often as a replacement for can lighting or recessed lighting. They are thin LED bulbs that typically measure about 1 inch tall. They can then be easily mounted to the ceiling to illuminate your space. They can also fit into small or narrow spaces where a suspended light fixture might not make sense, while adding enough ambient lighting.