laminate flooring in calgary

Laminate Flooring Calgary

Laminate Flooring Calgary

When considering flooring options for your home, office, or another space, laminate may be one of the materials on your list. Laminate can be made to look like many other, more costly materials, so can be a great budget option for a person who is looking to renovate or re-design a home. 

What Is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is a flooring option that is typically made up of multiple layers of core fibre boards and topped witha a board that is printed with the design of the desired material a homeowner is looking to imitate. It can be made to resemble the look– and feel!– of wood, stone, tile, or more. It is often chosen because it is a more affordable version of a homeowner’s desired materials. Read on to learn more about its pros, cons, and the costs involved. 

Pros of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a great option for several different reasons. It is durable and resistant to scratches, scuffs, and spills. For example, wood flooring can have issues with spillage or water damage if it comes into contact with excess water or a spill is not cleaned up in a timely fashion. Laminate flooring, though, can be made to look like wood and is more resistant to water damage and issues with spills.

Another great point of laminate flooring is that it is aesthetically versatile. Laminate can mimic many different materials, both in feel and in appearance. This makes it a more versatile and cost-effective option than the material that it is imitating! Laminate can be manufactured to resemble other flooring materials such as tile, stone, or wood. It offers many options in the form of finishes, colours, and textures, so it is widely customizable for many different types of home aesthetics.

Cons of Laminate Flooring

While laminate flooring has some great advantages, it is not perfect and there are some disadvantages as well. Laminate can make some unusual sounds, such as a hollow noise when being walked upon, due to a lack of insulation. It can also be slippery, especially when it is not covered by a mat or rug that has grips, for example. 

aAdditionally, laminate flooring can be toxic. This is because this flooring material is made using adhesives, which release formaldehyde gas. That can be dangerous to people and to animals as well. It can worsen a person’s health problems if they already suffer from issues such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. If laminate flooring is installed recently, you have more of a risk from the toxic wood bonding adhesives, so should keep your home well ventilated until emissions decrease. 

Cost of Laminate Flooring

The cost of laminate flooring is dependent upon a few factors, and cost can vary within the estimated range of $15-$36 per square meter, depending on these variants. One of the factors that affect cost is the thickness of the laminate flooring that a homeowner decides upon. The thickness of the laminate you may choose is also directly correlated to its durability. Naturally, the thicker the plank, the higher the cost. The depth and width of the planks affect the cost as well.

The various features attributed to laminate may affect the price of a project, too. There is the regular laminate flooring, but there are also luxury laminate options. Some of the higher-end laminate options boast features such as underlay and water resistance and waterproofing. These options come with a higher price tag than the more basic versions of laminate flooring. 

Additional factors that affect the pricing of a laminate flooring project include:

  • Materials and supplies
  • Labor cost
  • The preferred flooring finish 
  • The type of laminate to be used
  • Post-installation cleanup

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to put laminate flooring in a 12×12 room?

Laminate flooring costs about $15 to $36 per square meter. For a 12×12 room or a space of 144 square meters, the cost is estimated at $2,160 to $5,184 to put in laminate flooring.

What is the going rate to install laminate flooring?

Installing laminate flooring can range from $15 to $36 per square meter. The final cost can depend on the size of the space, the exact laminate materials you are using, and the area in which you live, which may affect a contractor’s hourly rates.

Is laminate flooring really that bad?

Laminate has some cons, which include laminate not performing well when coming into contact with moisture, and can create a hollow sound when it is walked on. Laminate can also contain wood bonding adhesives, and these can be toxic to humans and their pets, This should be taken into account if you have asthma or similar health issues.

What are the disadvantages of laminate flooring?

Some of the issues and disadvantages of laminate flooring include the following:

  • Can produce unwanted sound
  • You cannot refinish laminate flooring
  • Not natural
  • Can be slippery
  • Can contain some dangerous chemical compounds

Where should you avoid putting laminate flooring?

There are certain areas in a home where laminate flooring should be avoided. Experts advise that you avoid installing laminate in areas that are prone to moisture since most basic laminate options are not necessarily waterproof. These areas include bathrooms, saunas, laundry rooms, enclosed Porsche, or any other spaces that may require wet mopping for maintenance or cleanup.

Does laminate flooring feel cold?

Laminate flooring is colder to the touch than flooring options such as carpet, but it is warmer than tile or stone– this makes laminate a good option for homeowners who want the classic look of tile or stone but also want a higher warmth and comfort level.

How long do laminate floors last?

Laminate flooring generally lasts between 15-25 years on average, and sometimes even longer. The amount of time that your flooring lasts will depend upon its quality and whether or not you chose the correct flooring option for the space in question. When selecting your laminate flooring, you must choose based on durability and strength, not only aesthetics. 

How is Laminate Flooring Different than Luxury Vinyl Plank?

Laminate is different than luxury vinyl plank (LVP) specifically in the material that is used to create the product and the feel of the product underfoot. The other main difference is that LVP is waterproof. The two products have very similar looks, and even the method of installation is similar. Laminate is typically made with wood byproducts bonded together with resin. LVP is made with vinyl and is softer.