vinyl luxury plank for Calgary homes

Luxury Vinyl Plank Calgary

The All New Flooring Option – Vinyl Plank

Over the last few years, vinyl plank flooring has really taken off, and Calgary is no exception. Due to the design, well-known reliability, and durability, this flooring is a perfect modern option for home renovations and flooring projects.

Regardless of which room is getting remodelled, plank or even tiled vinyl flooring offers a versatile and robust alternative to other surfacing types. The ability to perfectly replicate all kinds of designs and looks of other flooring options and a lower price has really set vinyl apart in the flooring industry. This floor looks great, has amazing durability and is very cost-effective.

Vinyl Plank or vinyl tile may be the perfect solution for your next renovation or project. Remember that these tiles are a little different than tile flooring which is usually a ceramic product. They are however the same size and shape.

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What is Luxury Vinyl Plank?

Luxury vinyl plank is designed to look and feel like genuine wood, tile or another surface type. It does however have a few differences. The most important is that it’s waterproof! This makes it ideal for busy families with kids or pets. It’s also more affordable. Vinyl is made from layers of materials that allow it to resist staining, denting, and scratching in addition to moisture.

Vinyl plank is also a very versatile flooring product. Aside from being waterproof and hard-wearing, you can also be comfortable knowing these LVP/LVT flooring options have significantly high slip resistance. This excellent grip makes it a great addition to rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, where practicality can often overrule design. In the living room and dining room, it offers stunning aesthetics besides being safe and secure underfoot.

What are the Advantages of Vinyl Plank Flooring?

  • Cost Effective – Generally lower cost to for material and labour
  • 100% water resistant – makes it perfect for wet areas
  • Durable – makes it a great solution for families, pets and high traffic areas
  • Looks great – you don’t have to give up on your design goals just to have a functional budget friendly floor
  • Low maintenance – spills and messes can easily be cleaned up

What is the Lifespan of Vinyl Flooring?

The great news is that typically you will see 25 – 30 years from this type of flooring, however like most flooring you get more years the more you look after it. As a flooring choice for high traffic or wet areas, you will be really happy with the look, the durability and of course the longevity of this flooring.

Are there any Disadvantages to Vinyl Plank Flooring?

As with anything you can definitely find things that may not line up with your goals or style. Here are some things to think about before choosing this product as your flooring solution.

  • Hardwood flooring feels different and looks different. Even though vinyl looks great, hardwood has a specific look.
  • You can refinish the floor. Hardwood floors can be refinished years down the road.
  • If for some reason your vinyl is glued down it can be difficult to remove.
  • Be sure to get a product that has UV light protection so that the finish doesn’t fade over time in sunlit areas.
  • Vinyl plank is thinner so if you were to install in-floor heating the effects would be felt sooner.


What is the average cost to install luxury vinyl plank flooring?

The average cost of luxury vinyl plank is between $1.50 and $10.00 for the material and usually between $1.50 and $6.00 per square foot for the installation. Obviously, these prices range because of the type of material and the nuances of the installation.

Does luxury vinyl plank decrease home value?

No luxury vinyl plank does not decrease home value. In fact, with proper installation and design choices, it will likely increase the value of your home.

What is the difference between luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank?

Luxury vinyl plank are longer and narrower, much like a piece of laminate flooring or hardwood flooring. A Vinyl tile is shaped similarly to a ceramic tile and they are usually 12″ by 12″.