Spring in a great time to renovate the basement bathroom kitchen

Renovate in the Spring

Flowers and branch on a card that says Spring

Let’s get ready for Spring…               

One of the best ways to survive our long Calgary winters is to start planning your spring renovations. Spring is a perfect time to get the ball rolling on your laundry list of tasks around the house. The warmer weather tends to open people’s wallets and there is an overall excitement for the summer to come.

With a spring renovation, you don’t have to worry about delays due to cold weather or tradespeople trudging snow through the house. If any utilities need to be turned off, there is less concern about freezing or unbearable temperatures.

Exterior Renovations

The outside becomes increasingly important to homeowners as the warmer weather draws people outside. The exterior of a house becomes a daunting task as the snow melts away and we are often left with the aftermath of the winter.

Take a moment to watch the snow melt and check up on your downspouts, soffit, fascia and eaves. We often neglect these hard-to-reach and see areas of the home. The winter melt often brings light to leaks and poor drainage. It is important to draw water away from the home.

You may find this year that your exterior siding needs some love with perhaps some new paint or an upgrade to a new product. Spend this time investigating product or paint options. Look into warranties, product guarantees as well as longevity of the product.

Basement Renovations

As the ground starts to thaw, spring is a great time to start a basement renovation. It is easy to bring material through windows and minimize traffic through the house. Temperatures outside are still reasonable which helps with dust control and working conditions. If you have been wanting to add that spare bedroom for your summer guests, think about getting it done now.

Bathroom Renovations

Homeowners are often afraid to do a bathroom renovation in the winter due to freezing pipes or quite simply, not being able to have a hot bath. Open up the wallet for a spring bathroom renovation right before a cold shower is needed in the summer months. Depending on the size and complexity of your dream bathroom, a renovation can take a period of time and could potentially run into summer. So why not start now?

Kitchen Renovations

Homeowners tend to dive into kitchen renovations during the spring months, shortly after the Easter family dinner. The backyard BBQ can be a great short-term solution during a kitchen renovation. The overall supply and demand for tradespeople have not yet peaked and the looming winter is far off in the distance.

Let’s Get Renovating

While we are sitting at home staring at Calgary’s beautiful blue-sky winters, now is the perfect time to start calling your contractor to firm up budgets and pricing. You can not only begin to anticipate costs, but you can spend this time designing and planning. It will help with cabin fever and get you excited for the season to come.

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