Interior Designers

Stephanie Charest Portfolio - Living Room with Yellow Door.
Stephanie Charest Portfolio - Living Room with couch and two chairs, traditional fireplace
Stephanie Charest Portfolio - Completed modern kitchen with bar stools
Stephanie Charest Portfolio - Dining room with white chairs
Who is Stephanie Charest?

Stephanie Charest is a visionary with a passion for creating timeless spaces that her clients enjoy for years to come. She has a Bachelor of Interior Design degree from the University of Manitoba and has worked in both Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Calgary, Alberta. Stephanie spent five years at different commercial architecture firms before starting her own boutique residential interior design firm in 2003.

Why have we partnered with Stephanie?

We constantly surround ourselves with the experts in every industry and are so pleased to have partnered with Stephanie. She is a passionate visionary that understands the individual needs of our clients. Her professionalism combined with her eye for detail and design makes for an amazing designer.

We look for local businesses that align with our core values as well as who prioritize communication, trust and accountability. These three skills are critical to the success of our renovation projects and we believe Stephanie and her team bring these elements to the next level.

The Benefits of Using an Interior Designer

Interior designers are trained experts and have a unique way of seeing a space;

They bring a plethora of ideas to any project, many of which are on trend and reflect your personal preferences;

They save you time by guiding you through the design of a project;

They save you money by helping you avoid any costly mistakes;

They are well connected to design-related vendors for unique and personalized products.