retail store renovations

Retail Store Renovation

Retail Store Renovation.

Are you looking for a retail store renovation?

If you are renovating your retail store in the Calgary area you have come to the right place.

We all know that in the world of business first impressions count, and how a customer feels when they walk into your store may have a significant impact on their purchasing decisions. Shoppers and customers want a great experience, they want to enjoy being in your store or shop.

Let Bedrock help you gain a competitive advantage over the competition with our design experience and attention to detail.

If you are a retail business and you are looking for a quote please let us know. We would be happy to help you.

Start with the Design.

At Bedrock Construction, we always start with an idea. We would love to talk to you about yours. Most store owners or business operators have a running list of things that they would like to upgrade or re-do. And with the COVID regulations that are constantly changing, we now have that as an added consideration too.

If you have a design idea or have some pictures from Pinterest we can sit down and turn that into a plan that can be executed.

And don’t think that a designer is just for big projects, we also use designers for smaller projects, especially when it comes to new colours and maximizing small spaces. Designers are really great for these types of projects.

Commercial Designers and Architects.

For a large renovation, it is important to use designers and architects who are best suited for the scope of the work and the desired end result. These professionals know all of the current and future trends while respecting your brand’s voice and desired style. Our commercial architects have worked on many different projects and have a keen eye for what is current today.

They great thing about these professionals is that once plans are established, contractors are able to bid on these projects. This simplifies the process of comparing quotes and making sure you get the result you are after.

Retail Store Design.

What is retail store design? Well, it begins with looking at the space you have, and the desired goals of your business. We also look at what is allowed within the structure of your lease agreement and your building. A store renovation is a process of using design elements to get your current space to look more like the desired space.

It is really important that the design of your store not only reflects the values and culture of your brand, but that it also connects with your customers. As people come into the space, you want them to know that they are in your store, and not someone else’s. With the proper use of textures, colours and structure this can be achieved. We have done a number of pop up stores, retail renovations and fulll sized commercial building overhauls, and they all come back to the same thing. How do people feel coming into the space. We want to inspire people, just like you.

The customer experience is critical, and having the proper design makes all the difference.

Bedrock Construction - Our first project downtown Calgary in Inglewood
Bedrock Construction – Our first project downtown Calgary in Inglewood
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Bedrock Construction - Pop-up Shop at Chinook Mall - display case
Bedrock Construction – Pop-up Shop at Chinook Mall – display case

Retail Renovation FAQ

What is a Retail Remodel?

A retail remodel is pretty much exactly what you would think, we take a store, shop or business office and spruce it up. It can simply be some new carpet and paint, or it can be a complete renovation including all of the furniture and lights. We look at the shopping experience that you are after for your customers and reverse engineer what that would look like.

You can think of it like a retail renovation. You’re clearing out the old and bringing in the new. As we have mentioned this can be as big or as small as you need it to be to give you a fresh new look.

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Retail Store?

Retail is a little different than a home renovation. Typically the codes and requirments are different and this requires a different approach. For example accessibility is a much bigger consideration for commercial buildings and retail stores.

The cost to remodel a retail store is usually in the $50 – $250 per square foot range. The variance is due to the specific nature of where your space is located and what kind of finishings you are after.

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Small Business?

Small businesses are sometimes a little different than retail stores. Yes, they can be the exact same thing, but often a small business is less mall retail and more niche shops and service-based businesses. Think of a lawyer’s office, a tax accountant’s office or a small clothing store. Small business is usually a little fewer dollars per square foot, but it really does depend on the scope of the project.

What is a Retail Design Specialist?

A retail design specialist is someone who will help you plan out the design elements for your renovation. These are the people that will help you get your dream onto a page in the form of a plan and then the contractor executes that plan. These people know what works not only in terms of design but also in terms of increasing sales and staying safe.