Barn Board and Reclaimed Wood Calgary

Would you like to decorate your home with Recycled Stable Timber?

We turn wood from old beat down barns and buildings into magic to create a special wall,
an amazing looking door or decorate your living room, kitchen, etc.

In order to create all the beautiful reclaimed wood decorations shown in the slideshow above…

We take this …

… and turn it into this

barn wood

Reclaimed Barn Wood – Our Story

Reclaiming barn wood from old barns is a very very rewarding activity. It means that we get to reuse and recycle old wood and turn it into something beautiful. In the Calgary area, and in Alberta there are so many old barns that are either abandoned or just not safe anymore for use. It’s true because we are a farming community the opportunity to get barn wood is really high.

The great thing is that instead of getting Calgary lumber, you can get reclaimed barn wood from an old barn and sometimes the old wood is even better than the new wood. Barn wood was usually made with quality materials like fur and spruce.


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