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Are you looking for a complete basement development, or are you wanting to finish your basement, or remodel your existing space?

Is a basement development or basement renovation project on your mind?

Bedrock Construction specializes in renovations that add value to your home and expand upon your living spaces. We are a full-service basement renovation contractor in Calgary and provide renovation and design options that suit all sizes and budgets.  If you are looking for a Calgary basement development you have come to the right place, we are able to help people with the entire process. 

Right under your feet are endless possibilities just waiting for you in your unfinished basement.

Our basement renovation services can add additional living, play, family, bedroom or workspace to your home renovation. Calgary homes are designed in such a way that your basement can become a central hub of fun, entertainment or even serenity.  Renovations in Calgary are also a great way to increase the value of your home on the market. 

You can contact us to get a quote today.  We are also doing virtual quotes.

Calgary Affordable Basement Renovations


Bedrock Construction consistently delivers a product that exceeds client expectations. Quality is the cornerstone of what we do, who we are and the process we follow. From design to completion, you will see the difference. We want to serve you a product that will stand the test of time.

Basement renovations are an extension of your home and can add tremendous value to the home, if done right. We put the same amount of attention and detail into any type of renovation. You should enjoy the space rather than critique it.


Bedrock Construction has been a part of the Calgary scene for well over 20 years. We have been working with homeowners and businesses from all over the Calgary area. We specialize in home renovations of all shapes and sizes.


Bedrock Construction exhibits a level of excitement that is unsurpassed by most. Their energy and motivations are driven from their need to put smiles on faces and produce a product that will last through the years.


Creating is what Bedrock Construction does best and it is apparent throughout the process. They go that extra mile for their clients and bring a level of creativity to its projects that make them unique and unlike any other.

Calgary Basement Renovations
Calgary Basement Renovations
Our Experience is Your Experience

We believe in communication, transparency and partnership. Any type of home renovation is a huge undertaking and requires a level of trust and understanding from both parties.

Check out our About Us page to learn about Bedrock Construction and our core values.

Our Core Values Make all the Difference

Our core values were established back in 1991 and were derived from Corrie Massie’s experience as a tile setter.

Much like laying tile, square by square, a successful renovation requires:

1. the tiles to follow a design (organization) 

2. the tiles to be spaced and levelled (meticulous)

3. the room to be prepared (clean)

4. the tile setter to complete the job according to specification (accountability)

“Bedrock is more than trades people….they are artists. I have had Bedrock do two bathroom renovations and they re-tiled my basement too, helping shake off some serious seventies vibes across the board. If you need a design collaborator and a skilled company to work with Bedrock is the company to hire.”
Patti Derbyshire


How Much Does Remodelling or Renovating a Basement Cost in Calgary?

Obviously, with basement renovation contractors the prices will vary greatly based on what you are trying to do and what kind of finishes you are looking for.  Typical ranges however are from the 25000$ - 50000$ for full basement renovations cost in the City of Calgary.  Major items to consider include the windows and exterior doors if any.  Part of your basement renovation cost will be hiring your contractor, the project management, and working with the various basement renovation companies involved in the whole process.

Basement builders and basement remodel teams are part of the cost, and sometimes this cost can be offset if you do some of the work yourself.  It's not always possible based on the contract and or the style of renovation you are doing but it is worth asking.  You basement project doesn't have to be a massive undertaking, it can be relatively straightforward and cost effective.

The best basement renovations will add significant living space to the home, and the best basement builders will also make sure the value of your house increases.  The cost of your renovated basement or finished basement in Calgary will be well worth it when it comes time to sell.

Is a Finished Basement Included in the Square Footage of a House?

In Alberta, there is a guideline called the Residential Measurement Standard (RMS) for real estate listings.  The RMS provides a consistent means of measuring, and describing, residential property size in Alberta.  It contains guiding principles that establish a baseline and consistent rules for how houses are to be listed in the market.  The above grade term means entirely above grade, below grade, are floor levels that are partially or completely below grade.  If any portion of the level is below grade it is considered below grade.

Below grade square footage is not to be included in the total square footage for a listing.  Without the RMS in place, there would be little consistency in how real estate professionals, and their sellers, measure and describe their property.

It does not mean however that you can't leverage your additional living space as an asset when it comes to the value and purchase price of your home.  The actual square footage of your home and the "living space" can be, and are often different.  Additional living space is a significant asset and will definitely affect the sale price.

Bedrock construction will walk with you through the basement renovation process from start to finish.  We believe in working with the customer to make sure that not only do things get started on time, they finish on time as well.

When Is a good time to Start the Project in a City like Calgary?

The best time to start your basement renovation in a city like Calgary is when it's cold.  The fall and winter provide a great opportunity to renovate check out our article about renovations in the cold.

Calgary basement developments are considered an all-year project because usually, you can still live in the main part of the house during construction.  We do our work in a timely manner and make sure that your Calgary home is protected from all of the elements outside.

Even if your basement reno is part of your future projects list you can still engage with us about the process and the budget requirements.  You dream basement doesn't have to be a stressful process, we can help as your project manager and do all of the basement construction.  We offer the whole package.

Do I need a Permit for my Basement Development in Calgary?

Bedrock Construction will help you with each step of the process during your project.  We have experts who make sure that everything is taken care of.  Most small basement fixups and cosmetic upgrades like paint do NOT require a permit from the city of Calgary.  Changes to existing basements usually do not require a permit, when they are small and surface level.

In most situations, your interior renovation or basement development will only require a building safety approval (building permit). If your design or location does not meet land use bylaw specifications you will also require planning approval (Development Permit).​  Electrical permits are required when there is new construction such as a basement or a garage.  A new basement entry requires a Building permit, and engineering may be required for structural alterations.

Will my Basement Renovation affect my Property Taxes?

The answer to this question is maybe but most likely not.  The Property assessment corporation typically assigns a value to a house in a neighbourhood based on value and square footage.

The building and development permit office doesn't share information with the assessment office so they don't add basement developments to the value calculation.  However, a special assessment to your home or disclosure to the assessment office of upgrades can increase your property tax because of the increase in home value.

If your basement renovation is intended to be a secondary suite you are technically creating a second taxable unit.  This will be handled separately.

How do I prepare my Basement Space?

When preparing for a basement renovation it is best to get everything you can out of the space.  All of your storage and extra furniture.  The team at bedrock will be able to help you with all of the details.

Basement Designers Calgary

often we find that people not only need help to renovate or finishing their basement, they also need help designing what the final space will look like.  At Bedrock Construction we have a number of qualified interior designers that we work with that can help with this part of the process.

We take function and design and mix them together so that our clients not only have more usable space, but they have something that they will enjoy and call home.  A great basement renovation can really add a lot of usable living space in a home and is one of the best additions not only for resale value but also for the quality of life within a home.

Does Bedrock Construction Do Custom Cabinets?

Yes, we do, and we love putting in cabinets as a part of our home renovation process for the basement because of the additional storage and living space it provides.  Bedrock only uses the best material and can usually match whatever other cabinetry you have in your house already.

What Are Examples of Things I can Add to My Basement?

Outside of the normal things like bedrooms, bathrooms and living space, basement builders and renovation companies will offer various additional options.  Developed basements are a great place to put in some of the secondary or tertiary items on your home wish list.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Wet-bars and kitchenettes

Wet bars and dry-bars are great ideas for a basement, especially if you like entertaining.

Kitchenettes are another common upgrade that will likely increase the cost of developing your basement.  Plumbing and cabinetry will be where you spend the money.

Wet bars usually start at around $3500, for the basic plumbing, fixtures and electrical.  The price goes up from there, depending on the finishing, countertops, and overall footprint.


A fireplace is a great addition to the basement, especially in Calgary where the winter cold can be mitigated with a fireplace.  Gas fireplaces require a number of installation items that should be considered when thinking about the budget.  The gas line, venting, permits, the fireplace itself, and the installation all effect the overall cost.  You will also then need to consider your mantle, stone or tile around the fireplace and anything else you might want to dress it up with lighting and/or built-in cabinets.

You can easily spend $6000 - 10000 or more depending on what you are after.

There is also electric fireplaces that can be installed and these are significantly cheaper because of the different requirements.  Talk to us and we can make some recommendations.

Home theatre

This is our most asked-for addition when it comes to luxury basements, developed basements and a new Calgary basement.  Usually, people will want a built-in of some kind that will hold the TV, the stereo equipment and other tech.  Because these are so individual it is hard to provide a cost estimate or sizing.  When you are ready to talk about your plan we can definitely make some recommendations.


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"The Bedrock team is top notch. Working with the team commercially went so well that I invited Bedrock into my home for a home renovation."




"From our initial meeting, it was apparent how detailed Bedrock Construction is. The detail in their contracts give you peace of mind."




"Corrie was a great partner to work with on design as he respected and supported my desire to maintain the mid-century character of my home."



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