Calgary Basement Renovations
Great Value.

Are you looking for a complete basement development, to finish your basement, or remodel your existing space? Is a basement development or basement renovation project on your mind?

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Find Your Perfect Basement Remodel or Complete Renovation with Bedrock Construction

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Calgary Basement Renovations | Great Value

Are you looking for a complete basement development, to finish your basement, or remodel your existing space?

Is a basement development or basement renovation project on your mind?

Bedrock Construction specializes in renovations that add value to your home and expand upon your living spaces. We are a full-service basement renovation contractor in Calgary and provide renovation and design options that suit all sizes and budgets.  If you are looking for a Calgary basement development you have come to the right place, we are able to help people with the entire process. 

Right under your feet are endless possibilities just waiting for you in your unfinished basement.

Our basement renovation services can add additional living, play, family, bedroom or workspace to your home renovation. Calgary homes are designed in such a way that your basement can become a central hub of fun, entertainment or even serenity.  Renovations in Calgary are also a great way to increase the value of your home on the market. 

You can contact us to get a quote today.  We are also doing virtual quotes.


Bedrock Construction consistently delivers a product that exceeds client expectations. Quality is the cornerstone of what we do, who we are and the process we follow. From design to completion, you will see the difference. We want to serve you a product that will stand the test of time.

Basement renovations are an extension of your home and can add tremendous value to the home, if done right. We put the same amount of attention and detail into any type of renovation. You should enjoy the space rather than critique it.


Bedrock Construction has been a part of the Calgary scene for well over 20 years. We have been working with homeowners and businesses from all over the Calgary area. We specialize in home renovations of all shapes and sizes.


Bedrock Construction exhibits a level of excitement that is unsurpassed by most. Their energy and motivations are driven from their need to put smiles on faces and produce a product that will last through the years.


Creating is what Bedrock Construction does best and it is apparent throughout the process. They go that extra mile for their clients and bring a level of creativity to its projects that make them unique and unlike any other.

Calgary Basement Renovations
Calgary Basement Renovations
Our Experience is Your Experience

We believe in communication, transparency and partnership. Any type of home renovation is a huge undertaking and requires a level of trust and understanding from both parties.

Check out our About Us page to learn about Bedrock Construction and our core values.

Our Core Values Make all the Difference

Our core values were established back in 1991 and were derived from Corrie Massie’s experience as a tile setter.

Much like laying tile, square by square, a successful renovation requires:

1. the tiles to follow a design (organization) 

2. the tiles to be spaced and levelled (meticulous)

3. the room to be prepared (clean)

4. the tile setter to complete the job according to specification (accountability)

“Bedrock is more than trades people….they are artists. I have had Bedrock do two bathroom renovations and they re-tiled my basement too, helping shake off some serious seventies vibes across the board. If you need a design collaborator and a skilled company to work with Bedrock is the company to hire.”
Patti Derbyshire



"The Bedrock team is top notch. Working with the team commercially went so well that I invited Bedrock into my home for a home renovation."




"From our initial meeting, it was apparent how detailed Bedrock Construction is. The detail in their contracts give you peace of mind."




"Corrie was a great partner to work with on design as he respected and supported my desire to maintain the mid-century character of my home."



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Bedrock Construction is a full-service renovation and construction company that specializes in basement renovations in Calgary and the surrounding area.