Calgary Commercial Construction

Bedrock Construction is Calgary's Home Renovation Contractor since 1991. We handle it all, from design to completion.

Bedrock Construction is a premier Calgary commercial construction company and has been operating in Calgary since 1991.

We specialize in small to large-scale commercial construction in OfficeIndustrial and Retail.

The Bedrock Way for your Commercial Construction project in Calgary

Bedrock believes in partnering with clients so the needs, costs and timeline of a project remain in alignment at all times. We believe a successful partnership can only be achieved if the process concentrates on accountability and communication. This is called The Bedrock Way and extends to our vendors and tradespeople as well.


Bedrock Construction is also a commercial renovator and remodeller.  If you are interested in revamping your space or need to modernize for your staff, we can help.

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Our Expectations are your Expectations

The Process

Experience defines and creates a solid foundation for a process. Since 1991, we have worked hard at differentiating ourselves in a market overrun by contractors failing to meet quality standards and even down right finishing the job. Our belief in our partnership with clients, The Bedrock Way, has allowed us to define ourselves according to our meticulous contracts, loyal trades and process design.

Intrigued? Contact us to get more details on how we are different.

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Construction and Building Breakdown

Our Philosophy

Commercial construction endeavours are driven by three common denominators that are directly linked to the success of any project. At Bedrock Construction, we believe that cost, schedule and quality are of utmost importance to the success of a project.

Cost & Schedule
Strict adherence to the budget and schedule is essential for any commercial construction project. We believe that a budget represents actual costs to be incurred and should not be used on fixing mistakes or missed timelines. We also understand the gravity of when projects are not aligned to the original intended schedule. The Bedrock Way does not allow for misalignment.

The perfect equation for a quality project is comprised of dedicated tradespeople, strong vendor relations, plus intricate knowledge of the Alberta Building Code. All of these elements impact not only the success of a project but the overall quality. Quality in a contractor extends beyond surficial appearances; it is the work, the relationships and the knowledge that make the right recipe.

Calgary Demolition Services by Bedrock Construction
Elevator - Bedrock Construction
Bedrock Construction - Pop-up Shop at Chinook Mall - View from mall
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Commercial Services in Calgary

Bedrock offers full-service commercial construction.  We also want to highlight a few of the specific areas that we offer.

Commercial Construction

From start to finish we offer a complete commercial construction solution.

Commercial and Retail Renovation

Bedrock Construction loves helping people get the space that they really want.  We spend a lot of time in our working environments and we believe they should not only function well but look great too.  We handle all kinds of renovations from office space upgrades to retail renovations and commercial remodelling.  Contact us today with your plan and let's get started.

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Restaurant Renovations

We love going to restaurants and we love helping restaurant owners achieve their dream spaces.  If you are looking for a renovation for your restaurant or dining establishment checkout our restaurant renovations page.

Commercial Demolition 

Get ready to tear down with Bedrock Construction. We have been providing residential, commercial and industrial demolition services since 1991. From small shed removals to large-scale buildings, we have the experience and knowledge you need for your next demolition project.  See our demo page here.

Elevator Repairs & Retrofits

Bedrock Construction's commercial division provides full-scale renovation services to its clients. This extends into elevator repairs and retrofits. From modernization updates to maintenance repairs, Bedrock Construction provides solutions built on quality, efficiency and longevity.  See our elevator page here


We love hauling dirt! Bedrock Construction has been providing general excavating services throughout Calgary since 1991.  We do all kinds of excavation and work with our clients to make sure it is done properly.  See our excavation page here.

Pop-up Stores

Bedrock Construction loves being a part of the Calgary scene and part of this involves helping local and national businesses set up pop-up shops around the city. We are thrilled to have partnered with businesses in support of their efforts to bring their brand to their customers and to introduce themselves to new consumers.

Bedrock Construction specializes in setting up the physical spaces for Calgary-based pop-up shops keeping budget and deadlines at the forefront of their process. We prioritize the physical shopping experience so you can maximize your investment.


Bedrock Construction believes in protecting your greatest asset from the inside and out. Not knowing what can be lurking behind your walls can be terrifying to you and your health. Since 1991, we have been uncovering mould and asbestos for homeowners all while giving them peace of mind for generations to come.

We specialize in remediation services in Calgary and surrounding areas and provide an initial consultation and inspection to determine what steps to take. We handle mould inspections, mould removal and remediation, asbestos removal, air quality testing and thermal imaging. We also do moisture testing. See our remediation page here.

Ghost Kitchens Calgary

Not so scary, these kitchens are built as delivery only or sometimes delivery and pickup, but they have no dine-in function.  With the increase of skip and door dash, especially during covid, these businesses have been popping up more and more in the city of Calgary.  As a commercial construction company, we can help with the entire process.


For Commercial Renovations and Construction

Our Core Values Make all the Difference


We hold everyone accountable to the project schedule and budget.


We believe project sites should always be photo ready.


We believe it is all about the details when it comes to a renovation.


Our experience allows us to stay on top of your renovation project.

Commercial Construction Contractors calgary
Commercial Construction Contractors Calgary
Commercial Construction and building Contractors Calgary

We have been fortunate enough to have bid on as well as win a variety of commercial construction projects throughout Calgary. We have seen a rise in the industrial sector particularly in the area of Crossfield as well as a rise in office renovations as occupancy rates remain low. Check out some of our projects below.

Check out our latest commercial renovations in Calgary.

Project Scope:

  • Downtown office renovation
  • Over 3000 sq.ft.
  • 2 month time frame
  • New age design with corporate culture as the cornerstone
  • Custom reception desk, kitchen, conversation bar etc.