Condo Renovations

Black and white picture of condominium

Bedrock Condo Renovations in Calgary

Bedrock Construction is no stranger to condo renovations in Calgary. Since 1991, we have been managing small to large scale renovation projects for apartments, condominiums, and townhomes.

Condo renovations require careful considerations when it comes to city permits, the condo floor plan and condominium bylaws. Whether you are an owner or property manager, we have the understanding and experience to manage your next project.

Condo master bedroom with queen bed, dresser and nightstands
Condo Living Room with couch, two chairs and an ottoman
Calgary Condo Renovation Kitchen

The Quality is in our Hands.

At Bedrock Construction, we pride ourselves on quality from start to finish (and beyond). Our quality process is seamless and transparent. Communication is our cornerstone and we believe that your experience is our experience. A quality design means creativity, space planning and utilization strategies. It is your dreams coming to reality. And finally, quality completion means that you have peace of mind and pure bliss.

Quality Process. Quality Design. Quality Completion.


"We have developed a great partnership with Bedrock Construction, this company has showed immense dedication to their work and clients."

Property Manager



"The work that they have completed for our company has far beyond reached our expectations. We are thrilled with the partnership."

Property Manager



"Corrie the owner always goes above and beyond when doing business with us, it is a pleasure to work with him as well as all of his team."