Demolition with Bedrock Construction

Get ready to tear down with Bedrock Construction. We have been providing residential, commercial and industrial demolition services since 1991. From small shed removals to large-scale buildings, we have the experience and knowledge you need for your next demolition project.

Full Service Residential, Commercial and Industrial Demolitions

Every demolition project has it owns unique needs. From start to finish, we are here to customize the solution for you. We can handle partial demolitions, building demolitions and house demolitions. These can range from bathroom or kitchen demolitions to a garage or even second storey.

We also handle the removal of all debris including concrete, gravel, dirt and all building material.

Calgary Demolitions by Bedrock Construction
Calgary Demolitions by Bedrock Construction
We are Green

We treat every project as an opportunity to give back. During any demolition project, we look for opportunities to turn old into new. We do our best to recycle or reuse as many materials as possible and want to ensure we don’t destroy anything of value. Read more about Our Green Philosophy.

Safety is our Primary Concern

We have a clearly defined process that puts safety at the forefront with a safety record to back it. Our experience and knowledge of the demolition project allows for transparency and clear expectations. The demolition process can be timely if one isn’t fully compliant with the City’s permits, bylaws and regulations.

The Bedrock Way

Site Assessment

We will meet you onsite to discuss the scope, budget and timeline of your project.

The Quote

We are known for our meticulous quotes and will speak to the project scope in detail.

Permits and Documentation

We will manage the entire permit and documentation process per the City of Calgary’s bylaws and regulations.

We are also well versed in assisting clients who live in the rural areas surrounding the city. The bylaws and regulations are often different.


We will ensure the proper process is followed and executed regarding utility or service shut off.


We will coordinate pre-inspection of the site and ensure full compliance.


We will guarantee the project remains on schedule, on budget and according to plan.

We take pictures and video along the way.

Post Inspection

We will coordinate and ensure compliance with the post inspection.

Calgary Demolitions by Bedrock Construction
Our Core Values Make all the Difference


We hold everyone accountable to the project schedule and budget.


We believe project sites should always be photo ready.


We believe it is all about the details when it comes to a renovation.


Our experience allows us to stay on top of your renovation project.