Calgary Exterior Renovations

Boost your curb appeal with a Calgary exterior home renovation or landscaping project. Turn your home into the envy of the neighbourhood with a renovation by Bedrock Construction.

People underestimate the power of curb appeal and the variety of options available to spice up the exterior. The money you put into an exterior home renovation is often undervalued and yet, its importance goes beyond protecting your greatest asset. An exterior renovation should be practical; save you time and give you peace of mind.

Calgary Exterior Renovations

Exterior Renovations - all about the Weather

We all live here and definitely understand this crazy Calgary weather.  There is just no getting around it.  You need a great furnace and air conditioning has become more and more of a real need in Calgary as well.  As you begin to plan your exterior renovation you will need to consider all of the different weather patterns we experience and make sure your house is ready for it.  

Custom Exterior Renovation Materials - Customer First Approach

There are a number of materials that you can use for the exterior of your house in the Calgary Climate.  The most popular materials that are used on the exterior of the house in Calgary are siding, stucco, brick, stone, and engineered wood.  All of these materials have different pros and cons and can also change the look and feel of your home.

Roofing in Calgary

Bedrock Construction is your Calgary roofing expert.  We live here, and really understand the needs of Calgarians when in comes to the exterior of their house, and the weather we get.  Your roof is extremely important to the maintenance and longevity of your home.  It needs to be done right.  Contact us today (call or email) for a roof quote.  We do both traditional roof types and flat roofing.

Exterior Wood Doors and Installation

In Calgary, you needed a good door, or for most homes, good doors.  you need efficiency and design to meet and give you the best of both worlds.  Exterior wood doors are a great option, but we also have other types of doors that you can choose from like metal.  We also do the exterior door installation required and make sure the process leaves you excited about your new door.

Decks Calgary

Calgarians love their decks.  We only get a few warm months during the year so we make the most of it.  Having a great outdoor space that is functional but also durable year after year is key.  Bedrock Construction has been doing exterior renovations in Calgary for over 30 years, we understand the weather, the requirements and what a great outdoor space should provide in this city.  Let us help you with your next deck project.


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Let’s Protect your Greatest Asset Together

Bedrock Construction has been specializing in home renovations since 1991 and understands the significant investment you are about to make. You want to choose a home renovation contractor that is not only fully transparent but can help turn your visions into reality.  You also want to choose someone who knows about this climate and the exterior renovation that will maximize the efficiency of your home.

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About Bedrock Construction

Bedrock Construction is a full spectrum construction company that focuses on both residential home renovations and commercial construction in Calgary. It was founded based on four core values of being meticulous, accountable, organized and clean. We bring the construction process back to basics with these fundamentally important aspects of any renovation. They are simple yet form the basis of everything we do.

When it comes to Calgary and what your home will need Bedrock knows it's stuff.  The exterior of your home is a very carefully crafted machine and it needs to be efficient.  In Calgary, the weather is all over the place, and the exterior of your home needs to be able to withstand all of the pressure from the great Calgary winters, to the subtle (and not so subtle) Calgary summers.  Your exterior renovation, even if you're just changing something small, or getting a repair, needs to be done correctly so your home remains efficient, and can withstand all that Calgary weather.

An exterior renovation begins with a checkup on all of your current exterior materials, and a check on all the general weak points of a home's exterior.   After we make sure that everything is as it should be we begin the process of repair or a complete renovation.

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Our Process and Services

We are the ideas people and thrive on the energy of our clients. We love partnering with you every step of the way to create a master plan that works with the budget and schedule. We take your ideas and put them into action through our meticulous process all while being 100% transparent on costs and timing.

We specialize on siding, windows, roofing, doors, stucco and stucco painting, patios, soffit, fascia, and eaves.

There are many components and often, trades, involved in an exterior renovation especially in Calgary where the weather is always changing. Organization is paramount to monopolize the weather and minimize disturbance to our short summers.

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exterior renovations calgary renovations exterior calgary exterior

“Bedrock was outstanding! I was moving out of the country while my renovation was being completed so I needed a contractor that I could trust to manage the job in my absence. Corrie and his team at Bedrock went above and beyond by providing regular updates, complete with video of the status of each room. I have an older home so there were a few “surprises” when the walls were opened up. Every issue that was encountered was brought to me with one or more potential solutions and a fair number of issues were dealt with without bothering me with the details. They were very responsive to any and all requests and their workmanship was top notch. Corrie was a great partner to work with on design as he respected and supported my desire to maintain the mid-century character of my home. I am thrilled with my new bathrooms and kitchen.”

Leah Dickie

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