Calgary Kitchen Renovations

Here’s the thing about Calgary kitchen renovations, remodelling your house, especially your kitchen is a big job.

It’s typically one of the most expensive renovations and the cost can also come in the form of inconvenience because your kitchen is unusable during the renovation.

The promise, however, and the excitement of a brand new kitchen pulls us forward. It can also be one of the best value adds to your current home.

It helps us through the process.

It’s also the team of people that actually do the work that really matters during the renovation.

At Bedrock Construction, we pride ourselves on our four core values of being accountable, clean, meticulous and organized. We also understand the homeowner’s perspective and start from that place. How can we do the best job possible and make the experience the best it can be for the homeowner. You are first.

The Bedrock Legacy.

Calgary kitchen renovations by Bedrock Construction concentrate on budget, design and quality all while completing the renovation with minimal inconveniences for the household.

Bedrock Construction was recently featured in the Best of Calgary!

When is a Good time to get the Kitchen Started?

Anytime you’re ready to go is a good time. Obviously season of life, finances and availability affect the timing, but we can do it at any time.

Homeowners tend to dive into kitchen renovations during the spring months, shortly after the Easter family dinner. The backyard BBQ can be a great short-term solution during a kitchen renovation. The overall supply and demand on tradespeople has not yet peaked and the looming winter is far off in the distance.

Using your basement as a living space can also be a great resource for people doing a major renovation.

HGTV has a great article about living through a kitchen renovation.

Bedrock Construction Kitchen Renovation and remodeling calgary
Renovating and remodeling your kitchen calgary
kitchen renovation and remodeling Calgary kitchen


“Bedrock was outstanding!  I was moving out of the country while my renovation was being completed so I needed a contractor that I could trust to manage the job in my absence.  Corrie and his team at Bedrock went above and beyond by providing regular updates, complete with video of the status of each room.  I have an older home so there were a few “surprises” when the walls were opened up. Every issue that was encountered was brought to me with one or more potential solutions and a fair number of issues were dealt with without bothering me with the details.  They were very responsive to any and all requests and their workmanship was top notch.  Corrie was a great partner to work with on design as he respected and supported my desire to maintain the mid-century character of my home.  I am thrilled with my new bathrooms and kitchen.”

Leah Dickie

A Kitchen that Sparkles

At bedrock, our goal is to maximize your budget to create the dream kitchen that really sparkles. You and your family will have a great new space to hang out in, cook together in and also increase the value of your home.

Custom Designs and Creative Living

If you are interested in something completely unique and custom, bedrock is able to facilitate. We love the design process and helping you get the kitchen you really want. Sometimes people know what they want but don’t know how to design or get kitchen planning off the ground. Contractors can give you a quote based on certain elements, but not all contractors excel at design, layout, cost, open living space, or getting you the style you’re looking for.

Many open living plans and open concept kitchen designs require extra engineering or extra planning. Bedrock is a one stop shop and can deliver all of these elements to it’s clients.

Materials have a lot to do with how the kitchen functions and looks. One of the most important decisions you will make has to do with the type of materials and the colour. Don’t worry Bedrock is here to help. We have years of experience with design, and we also have a number of designers that we work with to make sure your space looks and feels exactly the way you need it to. Whether it’s updating an oak kitchen, installing a spice kitchen, doing a full kitchen makeover, flooring, cabinets or even the faucets we have you covered.

Check out this Kitchen an Amazing Home Renovation

Kitchen Remodeling Calgary Kitchen renovation
Calgary Kitchen Renovations by Bedrock Construction

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