Pop-up Stores

Bedrock Construction Calgary Pop up shop

Bedrock Construction loves being a part of the Calgary scene and part of this involves helping local and national businesses set up pop-up shops around the city. We are thrilled to have partnered with businesses in support of their efforts to bring their brand to their customers and to introduce themselves to new consumers.

Bedrock Construction specializes in setting up the physical spaces for Calgary-based pop-up shops keeping budget and deadlines at the forefront of their process. We prioritize the physical shopping experience so you can maximize your investment.

Bedrock Construction Calgary pop-up shop at chinook mall
Bedrock Construction Calgary - pop-up shop entrance to store
Bedrock Construction Calgary - knife store

The Quality is in our Hands.

From temporary to large scale pop-up shops, we maintain our quality standards from start to finish. We understand that this may be a consumers first interaction with your brand and carefully construct the space with every attention to detail. We want your brand to be mirrored through our onsite construction.

Quality Logistics. Quality Set-up. Quality Completion.


"We are proud to have developed a reputation for balancing time constraints and budgets all while minimizing downtime and mess. Our onsite solutions are unparalleled because of our experience, attention to detail and our underlying care for quality."

Corrie Massie


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