Should I update my bathroom before selling

Should I Update my Bathroom Before Selling

The Importance of Having Renovated Bathrooms When Selling your Home

A bathroom renovation can take on a number of different directions.  You have the small minor paint upgrade all the way to a full-blown redo.  One of the things that people want to know, especially when thinking about selling their home is how the renovation will impact their sale price or the attractiveness of their home.

Both of these things will affect the selling of your house.

Most homeowners selling their property often think they don’t need to renovate their property before they sell, especially for smaller areas like the bathrooms. However, what they don’t realize is how important a bathroom renovation is, and why neglecting these rooms prior to sale is a bad idea.

Before you sell your home, it is imperative to execute a bathroom renovation, and in this article, we explain the key reasons why a renovation will not improve the presentation of your home for potential buyers, but how it will reward you on auction day.

What buyers want

Have you heard the expression ‘kitchens sell homes’? Well, it isn’t quite true. The expression should be ‘wet areas sell homes’, as the majority of buyers focus on the quality and functionality of the bathroom, just as much as the kitchen, laundry or outdoor area. With an outdated or poorly designed bathroom, you risk the possibility of not selling.

You add value to the home.

What you spend on your renovation you can easily make back on auction day, if you invest in the right areas of your home. The bathroom is one of those areas, in which modern fixtures, like new bathtubs and modern sinks, and fittings, such as contemporary tap wear and stylish finishes, add significant value to the home.

On average homeowners will spend 20000 on a midrange bathroom renovation and recuperate just over 67% of that when they go to sell.  Some homeowners spend upwards of 65000 for a major upscale renovation but only see a return of 60%.

In Calgary, you can safely assume that you are going to get at least a 50% return on investment when it comes to bathroom renovations.  However, this number may be a little low depending on the type and budget of your renovation.

Renovators delight

While you may have considered your home a renovator’s delight, the majority of renovators still want to be able to live in the home during the construction, especially if they have a family or if it’s only one part of the house they want to remodel. Your simple bathroom renovation gives the buyer alluring inspiration of what the house could look like, as well as provide them with a beautiful, clean space to move into now.

Won’t break the budget

A bathroom renovation is one of the most inexpensive renovations you can do, especially if there isn’t any need for new plumbing or demolition. With affordable fixture options available at your local trade store, and inexpensive tile options, you can create maximum impact without compromising your budget.

This article was written in conjunction with Hire A Mover a Sydney removalist company.