Steam Shower Calgary

Steam Shower Calgary

Steam Shower Calgary

Ok, so we are heading into the fall here in Calgary, and everyone one knows that means winter is coming.  It also means that staying warm is a high priority for all Calgarians.  It’s not just about staying warm though, for lots of us it’s about comfort.  It’s also about feeling like home is a retreat from the outside world.  Getting a steam shower in Calgary could be just the thing that changes that for you.  Calgary steam showers be like yes, please.  

What home extras would you like? A steam shower?

For many people, it’s the little extras at home that make the winter bearable especially in Calgary Alberta.  Let’s be honest the winters in Calgary can be quite harsh, and feel like they never end.  It is nice to have something at home that can counterbalance the weather outside.

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Will It Help My Re-Sale Value?

In Calgary, the part of the home that is renovated the most, or is on the list to be renovated the most is the bathroom.  The kitchen is generally second.  Maybe it’s because trends change so much, or maybe it’s because a bathroom renovation is more accessible for people’s budgets.  Either way, the bathroom is the most renovated space.

It will definitely help your resale value, but more importantly, it may set your home apart from the other homes for sale in the market.  This is a huge point that most people skip over.  Most people just look at the number and if it goes up or down when the reality is you still need to actually sell the house.  The best way to do that is to present the house in the best possible format.

A great bathroom renovation will definitely set you apart.

A steam shower Calgary will most definitely set you apart.

What is a Steam Shower?

If you are on this page you are probably already aware of what a steam shower is, but you may have thought they weren’t available in Calgary.

These days, you may have been hearing homeowners opting to invest in steam showers to recreate a luxury spa experience at home. So what is a steam shower? Simply put, it’s a warm, vaporous steam room haven that takes the place of your ordinary shower stall.

Along with the benefits to your skin and sinuses, a steam shower doesn’t take a long time to generate heat like a whirlpool tub or sauna.  And when you’re done steaming, you just turn on the shower for a refreshing rinse.  You also need new fixtures for the shower. 

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Can a steam shower be used as a regular shower?

Can a steam shower be used as a regular shower? Absolutely! A steam generator can be added to your standard shower, so you can choose your relaxation experience whenever you need it – no need to install a separate unit or stall.

The great thing about a steam shower is that it is controllable and can you can set your own amount of steam.  You can use it to just give you a little boost, or you can fully crank it to make a hot almost sauna feel at home.

How much does a steam shower cost?

Steam Shower Cost in Calgary isn’t actually as much as you would expect.  Although each situation is a little different there is certainly a range that you can expect.  A steam generator runs about $2,500, installed.  If you are wanting the full spa experience—mood lighting, a stereo MP3 dock, and a pump for aromatherapy oils—expect to pay another $1,800.  A custom steam-proof, tiled enclosure is extra. So all in all you can expect a steam shower costs about $2,000 to $4,000.
That doesn’t include if there is additional demolition that needs to happen or extra plumbing or if a wall needs to be moved in order to accommodate the new shower.

Do steam showers help you lose weight?

When used correctly, experts note that saunas and steam rooms stimulate your body in ways that typical exercise does not. Sweating it out in the steam room isn’t a tool to lose weight quickly. Any weight you lose in the steam room is water weight, and you‘ll need to replace it by drinking water to avoid dehydration.
The other great thing about steam showers Calgary is that it can also reduce stress and help with anxiety.  The truth is when you have something that creates heat for your body it can really help with some mental health issues.  There are a number of studies that have shown this to be true.  We can’t always afford to go to a place and get the experience, but now we can have some of that experience right at home.  

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