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The Spice Kitchen – Your Homes Secret Weapon

Spice Kitchen- Adding a Spice Kitchen to Your Home

A spice kitchen is a newer feature in modern homes and is believed to have originated with East Indian families. It is a second kitchen, but not meant to be used interchangeably with the main kitchen. Rather, it is a complement to your main kitchen. Is a spice kitchen right for you and your home? Read on to discover more. 

What Is a Spice Kitchen?

A spice kitchen is a secondary kitchen in a home, which is typically adjacent to the main kitchen in the house. It is also commonly referred to as a wok kitchen or a secondary kitchen. The setup of a spice kitchen is very similar to that of the main kitchen. It also has a sink and stovetop and usually has cabinetry for storage as well. However, a spice kitchen is not necessarily meant for everyday use– that is still meant for the main kitchen.

The purpose of a spice kitchen is to keep the smell of spices away from the rest of the home when you are cooking with spices that have particularly strong or intense odours. Some spice kitchens are even outfitted with stronger hoods and ventilation systems in order to combat the smell of the spices. Essentially, a spice kitchen is a pantry that you can cook in. 

Why Should I Add a Spice Kitchen?

If you cook a lot of dishes with strong spices, a spice kitchen could be a beneficial addition to your home. As outlined above, this sort of home addition contains the smell of spices and prevents them from permeating the rest of the house. A spice kitchen does have additional uses– if you entertain often, a spice kitchen can provide you with extra counter and prep space, and you can hide any messes from guests by simply closing the door to your secondary kitchen! It is also great for storage, due to the additional cabinet space, and can potentially add value to your home for when or if you decide to sell.

Spice Kitchen Layout

Basically, a spice kitchen is laid out as a miniature of the main kitchen. It is not flashy, as it is not necessarily meant to be seen by guests. For a spice kitchen, it is largely form over function. This is a small space, and it is often galley style or L-shaped. The kitchen is separated from the main kitchen and the rest of the home by a door, which is how the smell of the spices is contained. A spice kitchen should also have a stove and a sink– either a single or double sink, depending on space.

It will also have upper and lower cabinets, just like in your main kitchen. After implementing these essentials, you can customize your spice kitchen however you would like to utilize any additional space!

Benefits of a Spice Kitchen

Some of the key benefits to a spice kitchen are related to its original purpose, but also include benefits such as additional counter space for entertaining or additional storage space for ingredients and tools. 

Containing Smells 

As has been mentioned previously, a spice kitchen can be used to contain smells and keep them from entering the main kitchen or other areas of the house when you are cooking.

This is its main purpose and function.

Traditionally, this is meant to be used when cooking with spices, but a spice kitchen can be used for other dishes that have a particular aroma as well, such as seafood, for example. It keeps smells away from furniture, clothing, and other items that may retain the scent and cause it to linger in the home more than necessary. 

Reselling and Adding Home Value

A secondary kitchen can also help raise the value of your home in the event of an eventual sale. It is a great feature and interesting addition that may entice buyers. In addition, the regular usage of a spice kitchen helps to keep your main kitchen in better condition, which keeps its charm and value up. This may also stave off remodels or repairs that may have been necessary if you were to be only using your main kitchen every day.

Great Complement to Open Concept Kitchen

One of the big design trends in kitchen design is the open concept kitchen. Keeping a kitchen open and airy is aesthetically pleasing, but also conducive to hosting and entertaining. It also makes the space seem larger, so can be an additional benefit to smaller homes. However, for homeowners who cook a lot of spicy food, an open kitchen can pose a problem, as there is no way to keep smells from entering the rest of the house.

This is where the spice kitchen comes in! It can be a great addition to an open-concept kitchen. It is easy for a homeowner to shut the door to the spice kitchen and contain the smell of any spices he or she may be using, and this also allows for the implementation of a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing open concept kitchen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spice kitchen?

A spice kitchen is an enclosed area that is separate from the regular kitchen in a home. Usually, it is located adjacent to the home’s main kitchen. The purpose of a spice kitchen is to keep the smell of spices away from the rest of the house when cooking, especially if these particular spices have a strong odour. 

How big should a spice kitchen be?

While there are no standard size recommendations for a spice kitchen, there are certain layouts that work best. For example, a galley style or L-shaped kitchen is perfect for a spice kitchen, as this is a secondary kitchen and does not require as much square footage or countertop space. It is most important to consider the placement of the key elements of your spice kitchen– the sink and range, or stovetop– and ensure that you have enough space for these.