Tips for Spring Garage Maintenance

Tips for Spring Garage Maintenance

How Important is Your Garage?

So during this COVID era, a lot of us are home or find our selves with more time on our hands at home.  It’s funny how many of the things that need to get done get put in the, “when I have time pile,” and never come out.  Now that we have some time, it’s important to look at a few of those things.

One of the springtime maintenance tasks usually revolves around the garage.  You may not think of it until something breaks, but looking after your garage is pretty important.

A garage can add anywhere from $15000 to 30000 onto the value of your home.  It depends on the size and if it is attached or detached.  Keeping this asset in good condition can really make sure that you get the most value out of it.

Brand New Garage Build?

Bedrock Construction specializes in Garage builds and garage renovations.  It is one of the main things that can not only add value to your home, but also to your quality of life.  It’s an extra space for storage, and also extremely helpful in the winter, helping the lifespan of your vehicle and also giving you a break from the cold when you have to load and unload.

If you need to speak with us about building a garage, expanding your garage or renovating the space please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Top Tips for Garage Maintenance.

The Garage Door

The most important thing outside of the actual structure of the garage is the garage door.  It needs to operate and operate well.  One of the major issues is that over the winter dirt and salt can get into the wheel tracks causing increased friction, rust and wear on the wheels and the track.

The best thing to do is clean the tracks and then use a garage door lubricant spray to make sure that the garage door Is opening and closing easily and freely.  It should not squeak.  Inspect the wheels and the track to make sure its clean, and spray the metal parts to ensure a quiet glide.

Tighten up bolts/screws

The main overhead door in the garage will have a number of screws and bolts that hold the door together and hold the door to the wheels.  There are a number of places where the door track will be attached to the garage structure.  You should check all of these bolts and screws to make sure that none have come out or come loose.  Tighten up the loose ones and replace any that are missing.

The Man Door

There will either be one or two-man doors in your garage so you can enter and exit the garage.  Similar to the main overhead door, you should inspect the working metal parts to make sure they are clear of dirt and salt.  Then you can use the same lubricant spray to spray the door hinges and doorknob if it is squeaking.

You can also check the frame.  In Alberta, we get a lot of different kinds of weather.  Natural materials shrink and expand in different temperatures.  Does the door open and close freely, or is there any rubbing on the frame?  You may need someone to adjust the framing around the door so that the door operates correctly.  This will be especially true for any exterior doors.

The Garage Floor

You can expect cracks, but you should inspect them to see if they need to be filled or fixed.  You could also consider an epoxy coating or painting the floor.  This will give your garage a cleaner feel.  It will also make it easier to clean.  If you have major cracks in the garage floor you may want to have a concrete specialist look at it.

The Garage Heater

If you have installed a garage heater, then it is a good idea to get it serviced, cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.  If you don’t have a heater and you would like one check out our Garage Heaters Article.  

The Roof and Gutters/Eavestrough

It would ve a good idea to get up on the roof and inspect it.  PLEASE follow all recommended safety instructions before you do this or call a professional roofer.  Check the shingles to make sure that none are missing, and that your vents are clear from debris.

At this point, it is also a good idea to clean out the gutters and make sure they are ready for the spring rains.  If you have any holes in the eavestrough you can get silicone filler from Home Depot and fill in the holes.

After this, you are making pretty good headway.  There are a whole number of smaller things that you can check but these are the big ones.

There are obviously a lot of organizing and storage solutions that can really help make a garage more functional and organized, but that is a different article.