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Types of Residential Fences

Types of Residential Fences

When you are looking to add some curb appeal or to spruce up your home, landscaping is not the only thing that you can do! Another great way to add some pizzazz to your home’s curb appeal is to install a new fence. Residential fences can also be functional, increasing the safety of children or pets in the home, for instance– they are not only an aesthetic choice but can be practical, too! These days, there are endless options and types of fences for residential fencing. There are plenty of different materials, sizes, colours, and more. 

Read on for a list of some of the different types of residential fence styles out on the market today. 

Wood Fence 

The wooden fence is a great fencing option because it comes in many different styles, colours, and materials– there are several different wood fence styles that can be used for this kind of fencing. It can also be used for different needs. For example, it can be used as an ornamental fence for your front yard like white picket fences, or it can also be used for a privacy fence or a security fence. A wood fence is also one of the cheaper materials, so is often more affordable.

Besides the typical design of a wood fence you could also choose split rail fences, which can add rustic charm to a property for enhanced curb appeal, or it can define an area of the property, like a garden.

Types of Residential Fences - Bedrock Construction (1)
Types of Residential Fences - Bedrock Construction (1)
Wood Fences don’t always have to be vertical, this is a great example of how to do a horizontal wood fence

Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences are typically more decorative and ornamental. They would not be a good choice if you are looking for a privacy fence. That being said, this kind of fence comes in just about any design that you could think of! They are best for use in the front yard, since they are decorative, so that they can add some curb appeal to your home. This kind of fence is very durable, which is a huge plus. However, since they are custom built, they can also get pretty pricey. 

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Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing is another option that is similar to wrought iron fencing. They also come in plenty of colours and designs. Unlike wrought iron fences, some aluminum fences can also provide security– they are not always purely ornamental. They can be used for either your front yard or your backyard– or both!– depending upon the style you decide to go with. Aluminum is great because it does not rust, which makes it more durable and easier to take care of, too. 

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Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing can be used for purposes such as privacy fences or more decorative picket fences, as well as security or landscape decoration. It is well suited for both front and backyard areas. They are durable and can last a very long time without needing to be replaced. Even better, they often come with a lifetime warranty! However, they are one of the pricier fencing options, so it is important to bear that in mind. You an also replace your wood white picket fence with vinyl.

Types of Residential Fences vinyl fences - Bedrock Construction
Types of Residential Fences vinyl fences - Bedrock Construction

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is not a particularly attractive choice, but it is great for security given they are metal fences. It is for this reason that many homeowners prefer to use it in the backyard and choose a more ornamental fencing style for the front yard that everyone will see. If you want complete privacy with a chain link wire fencing, you can also install attachable privacy slats. This wire fence option is affordable, and it is actually possible to install on your own if you would prefer not to hire a fencing company. 

Types of Residential Fences chain link fences - Bedrock Construction

Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fencing is a good looking option which can be environmentally friendly, too! On top of this, it is affordable– which is not always the case with eco friendly materials– and easy to install. It is important to note, though, that bamboo can rot and is susceptible to roaches, since it is wood. It is typically recommended that you apply a protective coating if you decide to use bamboo panels for your fence. 

Types of Residential Fences Bamboo Fence - Bedrock Construction

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most affordable type of fence?

The most affordable residential fence option is PVC fencing. This kind of fence uses PVC sleeves instead of wooden posts, pickets, or stakes. The PVC also increases the stability of the wooden stakes for a fence, which then reduces the cost of materials used and labor hours, as they are easy to assemble. 

What are different fencing styles?

If you are searching for a residential fence, there are plenty of different styles or materials that you can choose from. Some of these include aluminum, PVC, wood, or bamboo fencing. All of the fencing styles have their own pros and cons, as well as their own specific aesthetic value. For example, PVC is one of the most affordable fence options. Vinyl fencing, on the other hand, is a great choice for privacy fencing and can be durable, too. You’ll need to look at your options to choose one that appeals to you visually, but will also fulfill your needs with other characteristics, such as price or ease of installation.

What is the most durable type of fence?

The most durable type of fence for your home is going to be a fencing option called masonry wall fencing. It is well known for durability and longevity– in fact, it can last up to 100 years without a problem! Some examples of this type of fencing are brick, stone, concrete, block, and stucco. Essentially, as the name suggests, this type of fencing is a kind of stonework, where the pieces are stacked and bound together with mortar. 

What is the best type of fence for the backyard?

The best type of fence for your backyard is going to depend on what exactly you want. For instance, are you looking to put in a privacy fence, or something that is more decorative? The style and the price you are willing to spend are important factors, too. Some of the backyard fence options that are typically recommended include cedar or wood fencing, composite fences, or chain link fences. Of course, you could opt for a different style of fence if none of these quite fit your needs! You’ll want to take into account your individual set of needs, especially if this is only going to be set up as temporary fencing as opposed to permanent, or where you plan to put the fence. A fence that surrounds your swimming pool can be very different from a fence that surrounds your yard. You’ll want to note the pros and cons of each fence type that you are considering.