We are Green


‘We are Green’ is a term we have been using since our inception back in 1991. We strongly believe in reducing our carbon footprint through sustainable construction or green building.


Here at Bedrock Construction, we believe that sustainable construction is all about being environmentally responsible and resource efficient while maintaining the core qualities consumers look for most: value, durability and comfort.

Sustainability begins at the planning stage and continues through to design, demolition, construction, renovation and even maintenance stages.

For any project we undertake we have two primary goals:

 1)   Encourage our clients to select materials that promote energy and resource efficiency such as sustainable wood flooring, low-flush toilets or solar panels.

2)   Reduce our environmental impact by recycling, repurposing and reusing materials.


It takes a creative mind to repurpose or reuse materials. Thinking outside the box is what we do best. A simple concrete slab that was once a step can be used again as a garbage bin pad.


We recycle roughly 60% of our construction and demolition materials from our sites.

At the beginning of a project we identify materials that can be reused or repurposed at various stages of construction.

We partner with vendors that align with our core values and overall philosophy.

We adhere strictly to the City of Calgary’s Business Waste Resources and Designated Materials List.


We believe every company has a social responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint specifically those in the construction industry. It is easy for us to speak about sustainable construction, yet it is another, to actually do something.

We collect all cans and bottles from the tradespeople and donate them to the Girl Guides of Canada.

We take all unused appliances, bathtubs and faucets to Calgary Metal Recycling.

We use recycled products for printing.

All chemicals are taken to the Fire Department at Garrison Green.

Propane tanks, batteries and aerosol spray cans are taken to the Fire Department at Garrison Green or City Landfill Drop and Go area.

All cardboard is taken to Westhills recycle Bins.

Clean fill goes to the landfill for their use.

We removed the back step.

What to do with the step?

We reused it as a bin stand.