What Colour to Paint a Black and White Tile Bathroom Bedrock

What Colour to Paint a Black and White Tile Bathroom

If you have an old house, you may have a black and white tile bathroom that you are looking to freshen up. Once upon a time, this was very popular, but now it can be off putting if paired with the wrong wall colour and can date a house. However, re-tiling your bathroom is not in everybody’s budget. Instead, there are some ways that you can add more personality and modernity to your bathroom– one of the easiest and cheapest options is to coat the walls in a fresh coat of paint!

Read on for some of our recommendations on the best colour choices to modernize your black and white tile bathroom.


White Bathroom Wall
Photo Credit | Greige Design

Of course, white bathrooms are classic and will never truly go out of style! White walls is a good choice if you want to stay away from trendier colours that may end up going out of fashion in a few years– after all, then your bathroom could look dated again, and you may end up deciding to repaint for a second time! 

White is crisp and clean. Try to look for a bright, cool white– just because white is a neutral does not mean it does not have undertones. You may even want to bring one of your white tiles with you when looking for white paint to match the whites in your bathroom space. Of course, on the flip side, you may decide that white walls are not exciting enough, in which case you should go for one of the bolder colours on this list that work well with black and white tiles.

Black or Charcoal

Black Bathroom Wall
Photo Credit | Greige Design
Black Bathroom Wall (2)

Using black or a deep charcoal is similar to using white, since you are pulling from the existing colours of the floor tile. However, black is the bolder option of the two. Using lots of black or deep charcoal tones is an emerging trend in interior design, but since it is a neutral, it may not look out of style even when the trend is not as popular.

Black paint can add drama to your bathroom and can also provide a bold, intense backdrop for colourful or patterned furnishings. It can also look great with old fashioned brass fixtures or other metal fixtures, which you may already have in your bathroom if it is not updated. Choosing a classic black works well in a master bathroom or even a small bathroom like a powder room when working with black and white tiles. By adding the wood tones against the black walls and the black and white tile, it still adds warmth while being incredibly elegant.

Sage Green

Sage Green Paint - Bedrock Construction (1)
Sage Green Paint - Bedrock Construction
Sage Green Paint - Bedrock Construction (1)
Sage Green Paint - Bedrock Construction (3)
The warmth of the natural wood works so well with sage green

Sage green is one of the big colours for this year– greens are so popular that the more muted tones, like sage green, are even being treated as neutrals. 

This colour is considered to be soothing, so it is perfect for a bathroom oasis. Sage green can make your space look more natural and modern, too, so you can further accessorize the space with plants or wooden elements to “bring the outdoors in”.


Yellow Bathroom (1)
Photo credit | Old Brand New

Yellow is a trendier colour, so it might be something that you want to stay away from if you are looking for a paint colour that has more longevity. The shade of yellow that you choose is also important for ensuring that your bathroom does not still end up looking dated. You will want to go for a more goldenrod or sunshine yellow to avoid your paint choice looking drab.

Warm yellows are a bold choice that can really pop against the geometric black and white of a black and white tile floor. It makes for a very cheery space to get ready in the morning and unwind in after a long day.

Sky Blue

Sky Blue Bathroom (1)
Photo Credit | M&M Lighting

Sky blue is another soothing colour for your bathroom, just like sage green is. It is also a shade that is very close to the Colour of the Year for 2022– periwinkle. It can almost be treated as a neutral, because it is a subtle tone.

Sky blue is a great complement to white, so it will go well with a black and white tile floor. You can also accent the bathroom further with bolder colours– such as golden yellow hand towels, which will look good with the blue walls– or with other shades of blue to further complement the sky blue paint.

Greige or Taupe

Greige Bathroom Wall
Photo Credit | The House of Figs

Greige is a colour that not all of us have heard of– it is actually a combination of grey and beige, similar to taupe. This paint colour is considered to be a neutral, but has a bit more edge than your typical shade of grey or beige! 

One of the great features of greige is that it can work in either warm toned or cool toned rooms. It also has more staying power than some of the other colours on this list, but is still not as basic as choosing white or grey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colours go with black and white in a bathroom?

Black and white are both neutral colours, so if you are trying to match colours with an existing black and white floor, you are in luck! There are many colours that will match. Some examples of colours that will go with black and white in your bathroom are sage green, sky blue, and neutrals like greys, beiges, and taupes. 

What colour goes best with black and white?

Lots of colours will match well with black and white. What is the best choice is largely dependent upon your design aesthetic. For example, bright colours like golden yellow can be a great match if you have a funky, artsy aesthetic, while grey or sky blue will match better if you want something more elegant and understated.

What colours go with a black and white tile flooring?

Black and white are both neutral colours, so there are many other colours out there that can accent them nicely. You can use other neutrals, like grey, taupe, or beige, or you can opt for colours like terracotta, sage green, or sky blue, all of which are on trend for the coming year. 

Here are the list of colours to pair with black and white tile:

  • White
  • Black or deep charcoal
  • Sage green
  • Golden yellow or sunshine yellow
  • Sky blue
  • Greige or taupe

How do you add colour to a black and white bathroom?

If you have a black and white bathroom, you can add colour by repainting the walls or furniture– such as your vanity cabinets. If you prefer not to repaint, you can also imbue colour in more subtle ways, such as with wall art, your towels and linens, or your shower curtain!

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