Bathroom renovation eye for detail

What does ‘an eye for detail’ really mean in the renovation business?

An Eye for Detail in the Renovation Business

It is easy for a contractor to say they have ‘an eye for detail’ but what does this really mean to the general public? It is a simple catch phrase that is easier said than done. It captures people’s attention quickly because there is a general assumption that detail oriented means trustworthy and meticulous. We both know this is a characteristic we all want in a contractor but we rarely know what to look for and ask about prior to hiring a contractor.

It’s all about the details.

At Bedrock Construction, we lead by example through our four core values. Of particular interest to this blog article is the one we value most, being meticulous. We pride ourselves on having created a process that puts our four values at the forefront of everything.

Enough with the sales pitch. Get to the details.

The Screening Process

Don’t let personality win the race. Get tough with questions! Ask to see pictures or tour a site. Check to see if the site is clean and organized. Ask about their process. How does the contractor describe their process to you, in detail or in vague terms? Ask for specifics! Don’t forget to ask about their standards too! What are they? What’s the process around remedying things that don’t meet your standards? Do your standards and theirs’ align?

But what about my budget? Isn’t that the most important thing?

To help ease your renovation woes, pay attention to the details from the moment you pick up the phone. Worry less about price in the beginning and concentrate more on the details. The price will work itself out in the long run.

The Contract

The real giveaway, if a contractor has an eye for detail or not, is their contract. How many lines in their contract are there? How detailed is the contract? Does the contract speak to specifications, product details, timelines and the overall flow of the renovation project? Yes, a longer contract may be overwhelming to read, but it is in your best interest to review a more detailed contract than a shorter one.

The Completed Renovation

The shining moment for any contractor is the finished product. How does it look? Get up close and personal and look at things like, grout lines, flooring seams, seams on counter tops etc. Is everything plumb and square? Do not just look at the surficial renovation. Take out your level and magnifying glass if you need it. Hold your contractor accountable to their eye for detail.

The Deficiencies List

A post renovation walkthrough is essential but how this process is handled is crucial to the overall satisfaction of a project. It is all about the details yet again. Do you get a sticky note pad of your own to mark what you call deficiencies? Is there alignment on what is deemed deficient? Do they give a detailed timeline of when you may expect the deficiencies to be completed?

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