What is a 5 piece bathroom

What Is a 5 Piece Bathroom?

What Is a 5 Piece Bathroom?

Are you wondering what is a five-piece bathroom?

A 5 piece bathroom is a fairly common type of full bathroom. It is called a 5-piece bathroom because it includes 5 pieces or five plumbing fixtures. This could include, for example, a shower, separate bathtub, toilet, sink, and bidet. However, the most common configuration is a bathtub, shower, toilet, and double sinks. This is usually seen in ensuite or master bathrooms, making it easier for a couple to get ready in the morning or before bed.

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Or perhaps you are looking at real estate listings for a new home? If so, you have likely run into the term “5 piece bathroom” or “five-piece bathrooms”. Read on to learn more about what that means, why it can be beneficial for you, and how you can get one for your own home.

The most common type of bathroom, though, is still the 4 piece bathroom. This includes 4 plumbing fixtures– usually a toilet, shower, bathtub, and sink. Thus, having a 5 piece bathroom makes your space stand out, especially if you are looking to rent out or sell your home.

Your real estate agent may also use the term full bathroom or half bathroom. A half bath is typically a bathroom that does not have a shower or bathtub. A full bathroom typically does have a shower and bathtub.

Popularity of 5 Piece Bathrooms

While a 5 piece bathroom can be very convenient for a homeowner, as well as giving them that luxurious, spa-like look, many homeowners are now thinking more critically about their bathrooms. Most people do not take baths anymore, so homeowners are doing away with tubs and trying to best utilize their bathroom space. This does not mean that 5 piece bathrooms are becoming a thing of the past– no, it simply means that the popularity of this type of bathroom is closely correlated to the 5 plumbing fixtures a homeowner chooses. 

For those who do enjoy baths, are not as concerned with utilizing space, or want a more upscale look to their space, a bathtub can still be a great choice. However, homeowners who would not bother using a bathtub might, instead, opt for expanding their shower space into a double shower. Showers are becoming just as luxurious as baths are, as they can be upgraded with options such as shower benches and body spray systems, or by being turned into a steam shower. A 5 piece bathroom does allow for options, so it is up to the homeowner to choose the pieces that will best fit his or her lifestyle. 

Designing a 5 Piece Bathroom

Are you looking to design a 5 piece bathroom for your own home? There are a few different aspects of design that you will need to consider, and you will also need to be clear on things like the intended function of the bathroom space. The easiest way to do this will be to find a contractor that you trust, and ideally one that offers it all– from design to completion. Take a look at the questions below to get a well-rounded idea of how best to design your space. Having these answers ready to go when you meet with your team will help make the process go smoothly.

Who Will Use the Bathroom?

The people using this bathroom will inform what types of fixtures you should consider. For example, is this a bathroom meant for two adults to share during morning rush hour, or will your children use this bathroom as well? Are you a single adult? For example, if you are sharing the bathroom, the double vanity, and possibly even a double shower, would be recommended.

How Will It Be Used?

Next, the function of the bathroom is key. Will you be using this bathroom to get ready, so you need a palace to sit and do your makeup? Would you like the room to have a large tub that accommodates more than one person– or a large tub to bathe our pet? 

Where Will Things Go?

Storage, as with any other space, is key! You will also want to consider the layout of the space. You should consider the items that you need to store in the bathroom and discuss this with your contractor. From there, they will be able to design around these needs to fit the size of the space, ensuring that the layout is also easy to navigate around.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 5 piece bathroom?

As is clear from the name, a 5 piece bathroom consists of 5 pieces. These 5 pieces are the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom space, and there can be different combinations of pieces in different 5 piece bathrooms. The most common combination is a shower, bathtub, toilet, and two sinks.

What is a 4 piece bathroom?

A 4 piece bathroom is similar to a 5 piece bathroom, but with one less piece. A 4 piece bathroom consists of 4 different plumbing fixtures, and the most common combination is a sink, shower, bathtub, and toilet. 4 piece bathrooms are the most common bathroom option for a full bathroom.

What is a two sink bathroom called?

A bathroom with two sinks is likely a 5 piece bathroom, as long as it also contains three other plumbing fixtures. If it only contains two other fixtures, this would be a 4 piece bathroom instead. 

The two sinks are also referred to as a double vanity. 

Is a single or double sink better for a bathroom?

This depends on the use of the bathroom and its location in the house. For example, if this is a small bathroom that is located away from the bedrooms, it may not make sense to have two sinks. That might crowd the space too much. However, if this is a master bathroom or located near the home’s bedrooms, two sinks can be helpful for homeowners when getting ready for bed or getting ready in the morning, instead of having to wait and share the bathroom. It also allows for more storage space for products such as makeup, haircare, or skincare.