Why buying local benefits your business

Great article from the Calgary Herald on the benefits of buying local

Capital Ideas members share why buying local benefits their businesses as well as the whole community.

This is what Sharlene Massie, CEO of About Staffing, had to say: buying local in Calgary

“We have all heard that Calgary is a small big city and, when we need something, pick up the phone and just ask. When times are tight, a local supplier understands the need to communicate, negotiate and refer. When dollars are flowing, the Calgary community is generous to others. So supporting local keeps our economy moving, our people employed, our crime levels down. We need each other, we understand our own issues, and we know someone in another province or country just doesn’t get our daily struggles. Stick together, hire local, refer local, shop local, together we have power and connections.”

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Local purchasing will also make a big difference when it comes to your renovation, and the cost of goods.  Usually you can get things locally for a better price, and the materials are usually designed to work in our colder climates.

If youare doing a kitchen renovation for example you can get appliances that are efficient and rated for our climate.