2020 renovation vision board

Your 2020 Renovation Vision Board

Let’s get ahead of your home renovations for 2019 and prepare a vision board that keeps you focused as well as gets you excited for what is to come. We all know you have been thinking about that kitchen renovation or exterior renovation since last year. Now is the time to put this thought into action.

We often have a general idea of the renovations that are to come and begin to budget based on this ‘general idea’. Why not begin to take this general idea and put it into an actual vision.

Take our your scissors and glue and grab some of those coffee table magazines that have been collecting dust. Let’s begin to visualize and dream and put something down on paper. And for those of you that are extremely tech savvy, grab your laptop and begin dragging and dropping images to a simple word document.

What are your Priorities?

Deciding what is a priority in the house is often overwhelming. Begin looking at what has to be done, what needs to be done and what can be done. This will shift your priorities into focus, as your ‘has’ list should be your top priority. There are no rules to your vision board so if you want to put all three lists down, go for it.

What does your Timing look like?

Look at your 2019 calendar and strategize on best timing to start and finish the renovation. When are your vacations planned? Do you have any important work events or projects coming up that will shift your priorities? Is your project weather dependent? Do you need to budget a bit more before the start date? All of these questions will help you determine the best time to start the process. Once you have determined this, find the month in your magazine, cut it out and paste it onto your vision board. Let’s put it out there as a goal!

Research Research Research

 Your vision board can be a source of information and help you throughout your investigation stages. When are the home shows, if you want to attend them and get some ideas? What contractors do you want to interview? Words like Bedrock Construction can be plastered in large letters over your vision board. What sort of products do you want? Paste the words Vinyl Plank into your sheet of paper or find pictures of the tile designs or interior design features you want.

Remember: Your vision board can even be a central hub of ideas that you come across as you read magazines. It can be a simple collage of photos or words even.

Your also going to want to look at what the renovation will do to your property value.  Most major renovations will increase your assessment.  A kitchen renovation is a great way to increase property value.

 Do you have a particular Theme in mind?

Pasting photos of your dream renovation will help provide the incentive you need to focus on saving and getting to your end goal. Perhaps you are dreaming of a cottage theme, industrial farmhouse or modern minimalist. Cut out photos of products, ideas or images that reflect this theme.

What is the Budget?

 We all know that budget is instrumental to the start and finish of a renovation. Many homeowners set a date to start a project and the project sets the budget. Why not stay focused on what is tangible? Have your vision board depict your savings goals per month or even on a weekly basis. Be specific or not! This is up to you.

 Now let’s get visualizing for 2019 and if you run into any hurdles, jump on to Pinterest and type in Basement Vision Boards, as an example.